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Why do so many villas use colored stone metal tiles?

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-11
Villas generally have low requirements for the overall appearance, including durable and beautiful from the exterior to the interior. The roof tiles used as villa hats are particularly critical. In the past two years, a new type of roofing tiles for villas has emerged in China and gradually replaced traditional cement tiles. This type of tile is colored stone metal tiles. The emergence of colored stone metal tiles has reduced the use of clay tiles and reduced the use of arable land. As a new type of high-end roofing metal material, colored stone metal tiles have gradually realized our green building dream in terms of environmental protection and energy saving. The color stone metal tile is a new high-end roofing material that uses the aluminum-zinc plated steel plate with excellent corrosion resistance as the substrate, the weather-resistant acrylic resin as the adhesive, and the high-temperature sintered colored sand as the surface layer. Combining environmental protection, durability, compactness and light weight, it saves resources to a small extent and will never cause harm to people's health. It is the premier high-end roofing building material. It is suitable for a variety of harsh environments and has been used for many years, its performance will never change, and the service life is synchronized with the building. Why do more and more villa roof tiles use colored stone metal tiles? This requires us to talk about the outstanding performance of the color stone metal tile. 1. Variety of shapes, colors, and colors, there are a variety of colors and tile types to choose from; 2. The fire rating of the metal tile is A-level and does not burn; 3. 3. Light weight, can reduce the weight load of the building; 4. It can be recycled and reused, and it will never harm the natural environment; 5. Can withstand severe cold, violent inflammation, heavy rain, hail, fire, etc.; 6. Wind resistance is as low as 120mph (mile/hour); 7. Metal tiles have no low requirements for building structure, are easy to design and construct (will never break, shrink or curl), and can be adapted to various roofs. Colored stone metal tiles are mainly suitable for the roofing of all kinds of sloped roof buildings and the partial decoration of various buildings. It is mainly suitable for the roof tiles of villas, medium and high-end residential buildings, large shopping malls, library management, museums, schools, hospitals, and government agencies. Roofing of office building of public institution. It is also suitable for roof tile projects such as flat-to-slope and old house renovation. It has superior performance and durability. Moreover, the cost is suitable, the comprehensive economic benefit is low, and the construction is convenient. It is not only safe and reliable, but also durable and environmentally friendly roofing material for construction. Tag: color stone metal tile, (2,370)
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