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Which roof constructions are the color stone metal tiles suitable for?

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-13
We have learned about the function and heat-resistant treatment of color stone metal tiles. We know that metal tiles not only have high temperature resistance, but also have the advantages of high durability and high gravity. However, there are many kinds of colored stone metal tiles on the market, and many customers don't know how to choose the one that suits them. As a result, many customers have called to ask whether they can use metal tiles for their building roofs. In fact, colored stone metal tiles do not have much restriction on building roofs. They can be applied to different types of building roofs. So the question is, which roof construction is the color stone metal tile suitable for? Let’s learn about it together! 1. Villas and houses Every time they mention colored stone metal tiles, many people will think of villas and houses. These buildings are generally European style, and the roofs are mostly irregular shapes, while traditional tiles are not suitable. Construction, and the color metal tiles can be used to show the three-dimensional effect of flat tiles, and the tile types are diverse, the colors are rich, and the surrounding environment is complementary. 2. Resorts, resort hotels, resorts, and resort hotels are generally not too tall, and they are all within the scope of application of colored stone metal tiles. Holiday hotels and resorts are hotels that integrate accommodation, food, and entertainment, and are mostly medium to high-end Hotels have very high requirements on the design and selection of building walls and roofs. The colored metal tiles have the performance of dustproof and self-cleaning, which can keep the roof fresh and beautiful, maintain the beauty of the building, and give customers different visual enjoyment. 3. The rise of color stone metal tile products in residential quarters and flat slopes started from flat slopes. They have been widely used in coastal areas at the end of the 20th century. Now many residential communities are also using metal tiles. There are many types of products and they have Choose space, and the price is lower, but also can save consumers money. 4. Commercial plazas, urban complexes, colored stone metal tiles have the characteristics of excellent craftsmanship, beautiful appearance, etc., replacing the traditional tiles of the past. It is a new type of colored tile product in the 21st century. It is used on the roofs of many cities in China. The products have a variety of colors and tile types, and increase the customer's choice. In addition, the metal tile can withstand the test and has a high practicability. Tag: color stone coated steel roof tile, color stone metal tile standard, (794)
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