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What are the uses of color steel tile equipment

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-25
We have learned about the precautions for the construction of color steel tiles. It can be seen from this that we must clean the impurities between the gaps of the color steel tiles and ensure that the surface is clean. In addition, pay attention to the later maintenance. So for the color steel tile equipment, what are its uses? Let’s learn about it together! The main uses of the color steel tile equipment are as follows: The color steel tile equipment is usually formed by rolling, and the color steel plate is formed by a cold rolling process. Different products can be produced, including the following: Tile machine, glazed tile equipment, CZ profile steel machine, color steel composite board machine, etc., these products are produced by our factory’s color steel tile equipment, with high utilization, high strength, flat appearance, easy operation, complete functions, and reasonable structure. It is widely used in various industrial construction industries. The roofing tiles equipment using color coated steel plates is rolled and cold-formed into various corrugated profiles. It has a wide range of applications and can help the masses of people. There are large-span steel structure roofs, Wall and interior and exterior wall decoration, these all need to use color steel tile equipment. In addition, the roofing tiles equipment is also suitable for industrial and civil buildings, special warehouse buildings, etc. The main technical parameters of the ordinary 840 color tile machine are as follows: the equipment is 600cm long and 135cm wide; 16 sets of roll forming; power 3kw; forming speed 8-12m/min. The roll shape and structure of the roll directly affect the production efficiency of the color steel tile equipment. Nowadays, the widely used roll production tool is the forming roll. The roller structure and shape of the forming roller is a complicated problem for the color steel tile equipment. The color steel tile equipment has four basic principles for determining the shape of the roller and the pressing pass: 1. Using less pressing passes, the strip will deform uniformly and reasonably under the action of the roller shape. 2. Select the middle axis of the upper and lower rollers, and accurately calculate the longitudinal and transverse dimensions of the roller profile structure. 3. The profile profile of the roller is divided into multiple sections, and then we have to calculate the length of each section. Keep the length of each section of the roller unchanged in the pass, and select the center line axis. 4. Pay attention to the small bite angle when each roller belt passes through. Note that the pressing depth of the first few rollers needs to be deeper, while the pressing depth of the next few rollers needs to be shallower. equipment has a wide range of uses, and the equipment produced by our factory is not only convenient and quick to construct, but also has improved work efficiency, but also has light weight, colorful and rich color, fireproof, rainproof, earthquake resistance, long service life, maintenance-free and many other advantage. Although the roofing tiles equipment has a wide range of uses, when we choose this equipment, we must also pay attention to its quality and reputation. The price of this kind of color steel tile equipment is not a small amount, so you must shop around when choosing, and choose a manufacturer with high reputation and reputation for customization and purchase. Only in this way can you get the product you buy. Perfect after-sale protection. Tag: color steel tile equipment, (695)
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