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What are the common problems of aluminum tile customization?

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-20
During hoisting and transportation, damage to the paint film, surface contamination and collision of color aluminum tiles should be avoided. During storage, transportation and use, please keep away from corrosive substances such as acids, alkalis and organic solvents. To prevent rain and condensation, do not soak or get dirty. During transportation, each layer of the color aluminum tile must be separated by a film material to prevent scratches caused by relative sliding. When using color aluminum tiles under normal climatic conditions, the slope of the aluminum plate as the roof shall not be less than 10 degrees. It is strictly forbidden to use a cutting machine to cut the color aluminum tile, so as to avoid the high-temperature metal powder produced by cutting sticking to the aluminum plate and rusting. After installing the colorful tile device, immediately wipe the outer surface with a soft cloth. The processing environment temperature should be above 7. According to the gap adjusted by the thickness of the processing roller system, remove the foreign matter on the roller surface and the backing plate; at the same time, check whether the paint on both sides can be removed. If the paint peels off, find out the cause and take measures, and then continue processing. 1. Color aluminum tile has good heat preservation effect: in summer, the surface temperature of the color steel plate roof can reach 63℃. The high-temperature color-coated plate will transfer a large amount of heat energy to the house, and the indoor temperature will begin to rise, reaching 40℃. The spectral selective reflective heat insulation film attached to the surface of the color aluminum tile can selectively reflect various thermal energy, infrared, ultraviolet and visible heat in the sun, with a reflectivity of %85. Comparison of thermal insulation performance between color aluminum tiles and ordinary color steel plates. Tests have shown that the surface temperature of the heat-insulating color aluminum tile is much lower than that of the ordinary color steel plate, and the indoor temperature is 8°C lower than that of the ordinary color steel plate, so it is the effect of heat insulation. 2. The cost of color aluminum tiles is high, and the price is twice that of color steel tiles. The waste of color aluminum tile accounts for 80% of the aluminum tile itself, which can be recycled and has a high value. Color aluminum tiles are suitable for industrial and civil buildings, special warehouses, roofs of large-span buildings, interior and exterior wall decoration, etc. Light weight, high strength, rich colors, convenient and quick construction, pressure and fire resistance, and rainproof. Color aluminum tiles can be produced quantitatively according to customer requirements, and can also be stretched and formed. Processing capabilities: cutting, bending, welding, stamping, riveting, laser cutting and water cutting. Color aluminum tile surface treatment: oxidation, blister, fluorocarbon spraying, sandblasting, etc. Colored aluminum tiles are color coated aluminum coils made of aluminum tiles after surface coating treatment. The width of the color aluminum tile varies according to the drawings designed by the designer. Color-coated aluminum tiles are cut into different widths and then cut into pieces. Color aluminum tiles are stamped and bent into various patterns by different dies, namely aluminum gussets, which are usually used on the roofs of our kitchens and bathrooms. They are treated to prevent oil contamination and moisture. Some of them are used in office buildings as very beautiful decorations.
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