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What are the advantages of new roof tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-23
Faced with the continuous expansion of the building tile market and the continuous development of technology, ordinary roofing tiles have been gradually eliminated, but new roof tiles have become the focus of the current era. There are many differences between new roof tiles and ordinary tiles. Introduction, I will not emphasize it here. This article is about to introduce two new types of roof tiles, which are antique glazed lightweight tiles and flat modified sloping roof tiles. Let’s take a look at their respective advantages! Antique glazed light roof: This new type of tile is suitable for new slope roofs of various structures such as concrete structures, steel structures, wood structures, and brick-wood mixed structures, as well as flat-to-sloping roofs of old buildings, villas and high-end residential communities. The applicable slope is 15-90 degrees, and the applicable temperature is -40℃-70℃. And it has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, simplicity and practicality, and high cost performance. The advantages of antique glazed light roof tiles are as follows: 1. Excellent weather resistance-the service life is not less than 50 years.   2. Outstanding waterproof performance-no waterproof layer. 3. Wind resistance and earthquake resistance-the 90-degree building facade decoration is safe and reliable. 4. Rich colors, novel personality, long-lasting stability. 5. Good fire resistance. 6. Heat insulation and heat preservation-roofing tiles with the highest heat preservation performance. 7. Good sound insulation performance. 8. It has excellent toughness and strength. 9. Simple construction-the fastest paving speed and the lowest construction cost. 10. Economical savings-about 20 yuan per square meter can be saved. Tiles for energy-saving transformation of flat slopes: UPVC three-layer composite core foam patented structure, lighter weight, stronger, longer life, more durable color, and more convenient to install. It is suitable for various complex structure roofs such as concrete structure, steel structure, wood structure, brick-wood mixed structure, new and old building flat-to-slope projects, etc. (fan-shaped roof, arc-shaped roof, overhanging roof, large slope roof and various complex structures Construction methods such as roofing). The advantages of tiles used in flat-sloping energy-saving transformation are as follows: 1. Rich colors, novel personality, long-lasting stability-color tiles have a smooth surface, strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and rain like new. 2. High strength, strong impact resistance. Super toughness of the tile plate-the unique three-layer composite structure, two-way stretching process and selected raw materials make it more tough and strong than similar products. 3. Wind resistance and earthquake resistance-the 90-degree building facade decoration is safe and reliable. Both inland and coastal areas can withstand hurricanes and earthquakes. 4. Good fire performance-meets the national fire protection requirements of roofing materials, can reach the flame-retardant standard, and can effectively delay the spread of fire. Tag: new roof tile, new roof tile wholesale, new roof tile construction, (608)
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