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Waterproof treatment process of metal roof tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-18
Before, we have learned about the precautions before and after the installation of metal roof tiles. We can learn that before installing this tile, we should treat the base surface in advance to be firm and flat, clean, dust-free, oil-free, and concrete-free. Agents and other sundries. And when laying tiles, they should be laid in order from top to bottom and from left to right. So what are the waterproof treatment processes for metal roof tiles? And what should be paid attention to in this process? Let me explain it to you! 1. Determine the area that needs to be waterproofed. For metal roof tiles, the parts that need to be waterproofed are as follows: vertical lap, horizontal lap, lap on both sides of the roof, around the lighting tile, around the fan, around the chimney, and all roof screws , Sinks, parapet joints and other suspicious parts of all joints. 2. Pretreatment 1. When constructing metal roof tiles, we must first carefully clean the working surface. We must ensure that the base surface firmware is not loose, rusted, oil-free, dust-free, water-free, and clean. Keep it clean. 2. If the roof has loose firmware, it must be replaced or reinforced. 3. For tiles with rust on the base surface, they need to be polished and rust removed to make them appear metallic, and then apply a layer of base layer anticorrosive paint. 4. For areas with oil, dust, and clear water on the base surface, scrub it first. 5. Determine the parts that need to be waterproofed and the width of the waterproof layer, and cut out the reinforced polyester cloth of the corresponding width. 6. The width of the waterproof layer, the area of u200bu200bthe screw waterproof layer is generally 0.01 square meters (10cm×10cm); the width of the horizontal overlap waterproof layer is 20cm; the width of the vertical overlap waterproof layer is 15cm; the width of the overlap waterproof layer on both sides of the roof is 20cm, etc. , The width of the waterproof layer is best determined according to the height of the roof tile crest on site and the combined construction requirements. 3. Construction process 1. Apply an acrylic base waterproof coating on the base surface of the cleaned lap joint. When it is still wet, lay the cut reinforced polyester cloth in it, and then apply it on its outer surface. Apply an acrylic base waterproof coating, and allow the coating to fully infiltrate the reinforced polyester cloth to ensure that there is no blistering or wrinkle, so that the coating can be integrated with the underlying coating through the voids of the reinforced polyester cloth, and even dry. 2. Finally, apply another acrylic surface coating on the coating of the treated waterproof area. 4. Construction instructions 1. The amount of consumables is theoretically coated with a base layer waterproof coating of 35 square meters/20 liters; the actual utilization rate of the reinforced polyester cloth is 90%. 2. The surface coating is theoretically coated with a layer of 50 square meters/20 liters. 3. For the actual consumption of metal roof tiles, a certain amount of loss will change due to many factors such as construction conditions, methods and substrate conditions. 4. Construction tools will use these: agitator, big brown hair brush, small brown hair brush (wool brush is not available) and scissors. 5. After the tools are cleaned and used, please clean them with clean water immediately. 6. The construction environment should keep the temperature above 5℃ and the humidity below 85%. V. Precautions 1. The temperature should be above 5℃, and the humidity should not be more than 85% under 35℃. When the temperature is below 5℃, the humidity is above 85% or there is rain within 24 hours Construction should be stopped. 2. Stir well before construction, and use the uncapped product as soon as possible. 3. If the construction personnel accidentally splashed into the eyes during the construction, please rinse with plenty of water immediately. Tag: color stone metal tile, color stone metal tile construction, color stone metal tile standard, (698)
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