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Understand the welding methods, blanking requirements and reasons for tilting of color steel tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-11
The use of color steel tile is now more and more popular, and it is also used in more and more buildings, which shows that this material has been generally accepted by people. Nowadays, the construction of color steel tiles not only requires the construction personnel to have the corresponding technology, but also must be equipped with equipment to ensure the installation. Today, let us take a look at the welding methods, blanking requirements and the reasons for tilting of color steel tiles. welding method 1. Extrusion welding This method is used at the beginning of part design, and different welding methods have different significant effects.   2. Hot plate welding Hot plate welding is a thermoplastic welding process in which the metal mold is heated by electricity to soften the surface of the connected plastic part. It is suitable for almost all large or small thermoplastic parts, and is very suitable for welding softer semi-crystalline thermoplastics, such as PE or PP plates. 3. Hot gas welding Hot gas welding is a welding method widely used when the color steel tile produces large parts. The blanking requirements of the color steel tile 1. The blanking material should be released as a real sample, and the welding shrinkage allowance and processing allowance during production and installation should be reserved according to the process requirements.   2. Out-of-poor steel flatness and straightness should be corrected first, and then cut.   3. If the wing plates and webs of the columns and beams need to be joined, the whole plate must be joined, and the submerged arc automatic welding is used. After the flaw detection is qualified, the material will be numbered and cut. Reasons for the tilt of the color steel tile 1. Improper tightness of the cable wind rope: It is strictly forbidden to use the wind rope to forcibly change the vertical deflection value of the color steel tile. 2. Installation error: during the installation process, collisions and product geometry deviations are caused, including errors caused by the measurement personnel during the calibration process. 3. Welding deformation: After welding, the shrinkage deformation of the weld has a great influence on the verticality of the color steel tile. If the engineering weld is thick, the cumulative error will have a greater impact. 4. Temperature difference: temperature changes will cause greater deformation of the product, especially in summer, when the sun is irradiated by the sun, the expansive amount is greater on the sun surface, so the steel column tilts to the side facing away from the sun. Tag: color steel tile, roofing tiles production process, (809)
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