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Types and characteristics of villa roof tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-07
Villa roof tiles are very popular in the construction industry. Despite the high prices of villas, the living environment is quite good, so some people still choose them. The roof tiles used in villas are quite different from other tiles. There are not only many characteristics of villa roofing tiles, but also many types, and each price and its characteristics are also different. Next, the editor will specifically introduce the types and characteristics of villa roofing tiles, hoping to enrich everyone's knowledge. The types and characteristics of villa roof tiles are as follows: 1. Asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles have various shapes and a wide range of applications; heat insulation and heat preservation; roof load-bearing is light, safe and reliable; simple construction, low overall cost; durable, no worry of breaking; rich colors And other characteristics, but it also has a fatal flaw, that is, it is easy to age. 2. Synthetic resin tile Synthetic resin tile has the characteristics of durable color, light weight, self-waterproof, toughness, heat preservation and heat insulation, sound insulation, corrosion resistance, wind and shock resistance, hail resistance, pollution resistance, environmental protection, fire prevention, insulation, and convenient installation. With its beautiful appearance, strong three-dimensional effect, and strong colors of my country, it is widely used in all kinds of permanent building roof decoration, especially the 'flat to slope' project that is currently vigorously promoted in China. 3. The exterior material of the gray roof tile synthetic resin tile is made of imported super high weather resistance engineering resin. It has extraordinary durability in the natural environment. Although it is exposed to the harsh conditions of ultraviolet rays, humidity, heat and cold for a long time, it can maintain its color stability. Synthetic resin tiles have outstanding bearing capacity. In areas with low temperatures, even if the roof is covered with snow all year round, the synthetic resin tiles will not appear to be damaged or cracked. After testing, with a support interval of 660mm and a load of 150kg, the tile will not crack or damage. 4. Glazed tiles Glazed tiles are made of high-quality ore materials, selected and crushed, formed under high pressure, and fired at high temperature. It has high strength, good flatness, low water absorption, bending resistance, frost resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, never fading, and never weathering. This kind of villa roof tile is widely used in industrial and civil construction such as factories, residences, hotels, villas, etc., and with its diverse shapes, simple and colorful glaze, environmental protection, and economic use, it has won the respect of architects. 5. Cement tiles Cement tiles are made by compression molding or rolling with a certain proportion of cement mortar. Its product components are cement, sand and pigments manufactured by factory processing. Its main feature is firm lap joints and optional Dry hanging construction method (the roof tile and the roof structure layer have a void layer, which has a relatively good thermal insulation effect). Because the cement tile adopts the construction method of overlapping top and bottom and biting left and right, its waterproof performance is relatively stronger than that of West tile, which can be used as the first waterproof function to enhance the leakproofness of the roof; in addition, the cement tile is rich in color and a tile There are two or even three colors, which are relatively beautiful after being installed on the roof. There are two types of cement tiles, corrugated tiles and flat tiles, and there are more choices. 6. Fiberglass tile Fiberglass tile is also called linoleum tile or asphalt tile. It is composed of modified asphalt, glass fiber, colorful ceramsite, and self-adhesive tape. The tile is characterized by lightness, about 10kg per square meter, and its raw material is modified asphalt. It only needs to be installed properly and the waterproof function can achieve better results. It is especially suitable for flat-to-slope projects or wooden houses; because of glass The construction of the fiber tile is simple, and the construction loss is basically negligible, so it also enhances its market competitiveness and can save the project cost for the developer. The colors of fiberglass tiles are diverse, and their aesthetic effect is particularly strong after being installed on the roof. Nowadays, fiberglass tiles are relatively popular in my country, mainly in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. 7. Color steel tile Color steel tile is also called metal tile or galvanized steel tile. It is pressed into a tile shape from aluminized zinc steel plate. The outer surface can be treated with colorful ceramsite or baking varnish. It is characterized by light weight and high quality. The price is relatively high, leaving a relatively firm and secure impression, and it can also be used for steel structure or flat-to-slope projects. 8. Ceramic tile is also called terracotta. It is made by firing clay. Its characteristic is strong, but because it is made of clay, its environmental protection features and richness of color are not as good as cement colored tiles, and Its price is relatively higher than that of cement colored tiles. Furthermore, terracotta tiles have no waterproof function at all and cannot increase the leak-proof risk of the roof. Related reading: Characteristics and selection methods of villa roof tiles Tags: villa roofing tiles, roof tiles, (790)
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