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Three methods of colored stone metal tile roof

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-31
Color stone metal tile is a new type of composite material. Since the color stone metal tile appeared in the construction and decoration market, it has been widely used. That is because the color stone metal tile has many characteristics, and its most prominent feature is construction. Convenient and shock resistant. So what are the methods for the color stone metal tile roof that is popular recently? Let's learn together! With the development of the economy, our country’s villages have undergone earth-shaking changes. Large-scale “new village” construction is being carried out in every place, and a large number of new houses and renovations have been carried out in the countryside, so that every household can live in it. Got a beautiful and comfortable house. In fact, the construction staff made a lot of styles in the roof renovation, choosing different materials and different methods. Generally speaking, there are three methods for colored stone metal tile roofing: 1. Flat roof Flat roof is easy to coordinate and unify the connection between construction and structure, which is more economical and reasonable, so it is a widely used roofing method. The flat roof is both a load-bearing component and an enclosure structure. In order to meet the various functional requirements of customers, the roof structure has the characteristics of multi-material overlap and multi-level practices. Flat roofs should also have a certain drainage slope. At present, roofs with a slope of 2%-5% are generally referred to as flat roofs. 2. Sloping roof Sloping roof is my country's traditional roofing method, which is widely used in the construction of residential buildings. Some modern public buildings consider the requirements of the landscape environment or construction style, and slope roofs are often used. The common ways of slope roofing are: single slope, double slope roof, hard mountain and hanging mountain roof, four slope Xieshan and Pangdian roof, round or polygonal shaped roof and so on. Roofing waterproof materials for sloped roofs are mostly tile materials, and the slope can generally be 10%-100%. Generally, 10%-20% is mostly used for sheet metal roofing, and more than 20% is mostly used for flat roofing and linoleum roofing. 3. Other types of roofs for civil construction sometimes use curved or folded roofs and other special-shaped roofs, such as arch roofs, folded plate roofs, thin shell roofs, quilted roofs, suspension roofs, grid roofs, etc. In today’s building and decoration market, there are a lot of roofing tiles to choose from, such as: asphalt shingles, ceramic shingles, asbestos shingles, colored stone metal shingles, etc. Among them, according to their advantages and popularity, there are color Stone metal tiles are the first. It can be perfectly adapted to the above various roofs, and its installation is quite simple and quick. Therefore, the use of colored stone metal tiles is a very correct choice. Tag: roof tile, color stone metal tile, (1,052)
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