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There are 6 main types of roof tiles, the 6th type should never be used! Change it if you use it!

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-04
There are many types of roofs, and tiles are the key roof waterproof material. So what types of roofing tiles are there now? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these types? Let me learn about the types of roofing tiles and the advantages and disadvantages of each type together with the editor above! 1. Terracotta tiles are made by using clay as a material to withdraw and destroy sedimentary shale components at high temperature. Used as a relatively low-end residence. 2. Asphalt shingles are mainly made of asphalt. It has various shapes and a wide range of applications. It has more advantages, but it is not easy to be old and has less flame retardancy. 3. Cement tiles are made of cement mortar by compression molding. This type of tile is expensive, has a firm connection, has a long service life, and has poor waterproofness. Fourth, the roofing tiles is changed from aluminum-zinc steel plate pressed into tile shape. The quality is slow, the tiles are more luxurious and the price is relatively low. 5. Glazed tiles use high-quality ore as raw materials. They have various colors, various styles, short service life, poor heat insulation, complicated craftsmanship, and relatively low prices. 6. Asbestos tiles are formed by heating asbestos fibers and cement. The price is cheap and novel, but ingestion of the human body can cause pathological changes and mild carcinogens. Tag: roof tile types, (3,555)
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