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The role of colored stone metal tiles in daily life

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-02
With the rapid development of today’s society and economy, people’s requirements and demands in life have also increased, especially for the building materials used in various buildings such as houses, the aesthetics of appearance, the quality of decorative tiles, and the quality of houses. The details are very particular. Nowadays, the color stone metal tile meets the modern requirements in all aspects, and it currently takes the lead in the construction industry and is widely used. The color stone metal tile has developed so rapidly and is widely used because the metal tile meets the needs of modern people in all aspects, especially its performance, characteristics, and functions. Colored stone metal tiles are so popular in today's society because it brings great convenience to everyone's daily life. Let's take a look at the role of colorful stone metal tiles in daily life! 1. Anti-hail: Color The stone metal tile is made of metal tile material, and its strength is sufficient to resist general hail damage, especially where there is a lot of hail. 2. Wind resistance: The design and construction technology of metal tiles, horizontal lap and buckle installation, are sufficient to resist various harsh external environments, such as cyclones and typhoons. In coastal areas, only the number of nails can be increased to resist typhoons. 3. Seismic resistance: Lightweight colored stone metal tiles can reduce the weight of the building structure, and because it is fixed to the roof structure with nails, it has excellent resistance to earthquakes and can also prevent the danger of tiles falling off. 4. Reduce noise: Natural basalt is used for color stone metal, which has uniform particle size and high friction, which can buffer the impact of rain and greatly reduce noise. 5. Fire protection: The metal tile surface material is produced and processed from Class A fireproof materials, which can prevent the fire from spreading in the event of a fire. 6. Lightweight: Metal tile is the lightest material among high-end roofing tiles, only 6kg per square meter. 7. Heat insulation: Because a cavity is formed on the back of this tile, and the slope roof system is added, it is conducive to the air circulation of the roof, thereby effectively insulating. The above is the role of colored stone metal tiles in daily life. It can be seen that the role of metal tiles is extremely powerful, so it has to be the first choice in everyone's mind. Related reading: The characteristics and construction precautions of colored stone metal tile Tag: colored stone metal tile, (607)
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