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The quality of color stone metal tile is good or bad

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-13
Colored stone coated steel roof tile is a new type of tile in the current construction industry. This tile is produced by using high-tech. Because of the many characteristics of colored stone metal tiles, they are widely used by most people. But when many people choose this tile, they don't know how to distinguish the quality of the colored stone metal tile. So today the editor will introduce this issue in detail! The color stone coated steel roof tile is a new high-grade roofing material with aluminum-zinc-plated steel plate with excellent anti-corrosion function as the substrate, weather-resistant acrylic resin as the adhesive, and colorful natural sand as the surface layer. Because of its beauty, lightness, economy, and environmental protection, it has become the mainstream product of roofing materials in the world in recent years and has been used in domestic high-end buildings. It combines all the characteristics of clay tiles and asphalt tiles, and has great advantages in durability, earthquake resistance, beauty, and construction. The specific life span depends on the quality of the tiles. Good quality tiles can be used for 50-60 years, and low quality can be used. 10-20 years. The method of distinguishing the quality of colored stone metal tiles is as follows: 1. Look at the appearance: (1) Look at whether the reverse side of the tile is bright and white, the brighter the better (the higher the aluminum content and the production process, the brighter the appearance, some manufacturers Use color-coated sheets as galvanized steel sheets). (2) Looking at the spangles, the smaller the spangles have a strong three-dimensional effect (the smaller the spangles and the three-dimensional effect, it means that the density of the aluminum-zinc coating is high). (3) Frontal color: The sand has a pure color and looks brighter, indicating that the sand is glazed so that it will not fade. (4) The reverse color: the reverse color of the tile (the color of the steel plate can be clearly seen) is a good material; the steel plate is dull, and then coated with a layer of green coating (dark and dull, indicating that it is not plated Aluminum-zinc steel plate, at least the content of aluminum is very low; fingerprint resistant film is transparent, used in major industries, such as home appliance industry, this fingerprint resistant film has good corrosion resistance and scratch resistance, and the higher the cost. Green bottom is A colored coating, its scratch resistance and corrosion resistance are not as good as fingerprint resistant film, and the cost is low. 2. Touch by hand: touch the reverse side of the tile by hand, the more lubricated the better, if there is noise when touched by hand The quality is not good; if you touch the front of the tile by hand, if the smoothness of the sand is better, the better the production process of the factory. 3. The alias for scraping the tile with a knife: if it is easy to scrape off, it indicates the effect of the protective film. Poorly done, for example: the white transparent fingerprint-resistant film is difficult to scrape off, and the green bottom coating is easy to scrape off. 4. Look at the factory qualification: (1) Check the factory address in the 'National Corporate Reputation Information Disclosure System' Credit information such as, registered capital, etc. If the company's registered address is a certain room, it means that it is a trader and does not have its own Ru0026D and factory. (2) Whether the manufacturer has construction experience, you can ask him to post more successful cases, if possible If so, go to the site to see the real effect of the case. (3) Whether the manufacturer has the strength to do construction drawings, and the strength to do construction drawings, it means that it has its own Ru0026D and design team, so that the construction quality can be guaranteed. (4) Whether There are ISO9001 quality certification, test reports and national-level wind resistance test reports. Finally, when distinguishing the quality of colored stone metal tiles, you need to pay attention to: the thickness of the middle and low-end steel plates is 0.4mm, and the thickness of the high-end steel plates is 0.45mm. Tag: color stone coated steel roof tile, (677)
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