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The production process and construction of colored stone metal tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-14
We have learned about the storage, transportation, loading and unloading of colored stone metal tiles. We know that this tile is best stored indoors, avoiding open-air stacking; and don't put it in places polluted by sand or dust. In addition, in order to prevent bumps, it is not allowed to push or flip the product with a pusher. The color stone metal tile has made a great contribution to the current architecture. Its functions and advantages cover ordinary ceramic tiles and are widely used in large construction sites such as factories, schools, gymnasiums, and villas. So what should be paid attention to in the production process and construction of colored stone metal tiles? Let's follow the editor to understand it! The production process is as follows: There are many production lines of colored stone metal tiles, and every link must be paid special attention. Therefore, every problem should be paid attention to in this regard. The following is a summary of the production line, for reference only: the production process of the metal tile production line is very simple : First, unwinding and shearing, slitting machine, lace cutting, press the tile type hydraulic press to press the pattern you like, and then test whether the version is good and beautiful, and then spray glue (1 collagen, add chemical reagents, Then the glue is mixed, and then spray glue, spray glue, irrigate, pump, and stir the bottom), start sandblasting is our production line segmented sandblasting, and immediately pour sand. Sand pouring is also a very important step. The first drying is the first drying of our production line, and then the surface spray is part of the surface glue of our equipment. Secondly, the secondary drying is the secondary drying period of our equipment. After the glue is sprayed on the board, it should pass the test. If the glue is uniform, the packaging is good, and the packaging is beautiful, it can finally be put into storage. The construction is as follows: During the construction process, the colored stone should be kept away from open flames such as welding and gas welding. When using colored stone metal tiles, some heat and fire sources do not have to be close to the metal tiles, and a certain distance must be maintained. When installing, we must pay attention to the correct setting of the tiles. The overlapping type is suitable for roofs with a length of 1500 meters, and the split layer is suitable for roofs with lanterns. A special nail must be hit in the middle of the tile to waterproof. When installing the sealing strip, the sealing strip should be separated by two and a half. Finally, we must pay attention to the water installed at the bottom of the tiles, and then use waterproof adhesive or cement to complete the installation. Color stone coated steel roof tile has the advantages of good heat insulation, sound absorption, good sealing performance, convenient construction, short cycle, low comprehensive cost, bending, corrosion resistance, and beautiful appearance. It is an ideal product for building materials. After a series of construction processes, we will finally complete a beautiful, long-lasting roof building. Tag: color stone metal tile, color stone metal tile production line, (593)
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