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The main reason for the water leakage of the color steel tile roof

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-29
In the construction and decoration industry, color steel tiles are favored by users because of their bright colors and light weight. However, after the color steel tile has been used for a long time, rust and even water leakage will inevitably occur. As for the treatment method of color steel tile rust, the editor has introduced it in detail. I must have already understood it. So what are the main reasons for the color steel tile roof leakage? Let's take a look! 1. The deformation of this tile is caused by carelessness in the production and transportation process, and the construction process. The quality of this tile is poor, and the roofing tiles is deformed when the construction personnel go to the roof for construction. 2. Due to the influence of wind, rain and other external forces, the color steel tile roof has been trembling for a long time, causing the nail holes and the iron joints to be worn for a long time. When it encounters rain, it will rust, and then wear and rust again. The consequences are becoming more and more severe. 3. Why do self-tapping screws with rubber pads leak water? I believe that everyone has always been puzzled about this issue. First: The self-tapping nail has been too hard during the construction and the rubber pad has been damaged. Second: The rubber pad ages quickly, and the corresponding waterproof effect will soon be lost. 4. The main reasons for the deformation of the roofing tiles roof: First: the roof span is large, and over time it will cause the phenomenon of water accumulation in the center. The gravity in the middle part increases, and the more rains, the more severe the deformation, and even the roof collapse phenomenon. Second: roofs with mineral wool, mineral wool has a water-absorbing effect, when encountering rainy days, all the rainwater leaking from the roof gathers in the mineral wool, which causes its weight to increase. Third: When the roof is hot in summer, sudden heavy rain will easily cause the temperature of the color steel tile to drop sharply, and then the tile will shorten rapidly, causing the color board to deform and the nails to loosen. 5. Water seepage at the foot of the roof wall: Use cement to wipe the splayed angle, sealant or waterproof paint for waterproof maintenance. Cement and metal do not combine to show cracks, and paint or sealant will show larger cracks if the elongation rate is small. 6. Why does the weather-resistant sealant still leak water? That's because the weather-resistant sealant must shrink when it condenses, and it may separate between the glue and the frame when it shrinks. If the frame is dusty, the situation will be more severe. The long-term high temperature of the color steel roof accelerates the aging of the weather-resistant adhesive, and the repeated thermal expansion and contraction of metal materials will quickly lose the effectiveness of the weather-resistant adhesive. 7. Why does the waterproof coating still leak after two years of repair? That's because: the flowability of the waterproof coating is likely to cause uneven coating thickness during construction, and gaps are not easy to be found. Coupled with roof vibration, the low elongation of the coating will lead to cracks. Cut corners during the construction of waterproof coatings. If the thickness of the coating is too thin, it will quickly age and crack. 8. Why does the rain flow back? The phenomenon of backflowing water is a unique phenomenon of color steel tile roofs. The necessary condition for causing this phenomenon is that the backflowing water is ventilated inside and outside. First: In rainy days, there is a difference in air pressure between indoors and outdoors, and the low air pressure inside sucks in the rainwater. Second: The strong wind outside has formed an air duct in the ventilation area, and the strong wind has blown the rain in. Tag: color steel tile roof waterproof, (592)
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