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The function and heat-resistant treatment of color stone metal tile

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-15
The previous editor has introduced the determinants of the price of colored stone metal tiles. It is known that the price of this tile is a concern of many builders and users. At the same time, the distinction between the quality of colored stone metal tiles has always been a hot topic. The reason why this tile has attracted much attention is because of its many functions and its heat-resistant treatment technology. Let’s learn about it together. The function and heat-resistant treatment of color stone coated steel roof tile! The heat-resistant treatment technology process of colored stone metal tiles: In the technology of house decoration, colored stone metal tiles have strengthened the advantages of long-term use in high temperature and heat-resistant climates, thereby correspondingly reducing the use in harsh climates. The occurrence of chemical changes can also resist weather resistance and prone to falling off in the use of house roof decoration, and can also resist cracking during high-temperature treatment. First: The high-temperature resistant metal tile plays the role of beautiful appearance and rich color performance equipment in the process of using components in house decoration. It will not fade after long-term use. This phenomenon meets the diversified market demand. The processing process. Second: High durability. In the high temperature treatment process, the use of chemical raw materials for decomposition treatment can provide a high degree of protection against cracking of each material, and it can also resist the phenomenon of ultraviolet rays in long-term sun exposure. Third: High-temperature wear-resistant mode In the long-term use process, the colored stone metal tile can withstand the sun's exposure, and can also avoid damage in the sun. It has the principle of weather resistance during use, which greatly reduces In addition, the ultraviolet light energy becomes aging. The three protection functions of colored stone metal tiles are as follows: 1. In the friendly building structure, it improves the function of resisting the intrusion of heavy rain during use, and also effectively strengthens the firm support in the house structure. The function point of the building also strengthens the advantageous use of supporting gravity stability in the structural use of the house. 2. The function of high resistance to heat: the color stone metal tile reduces the color fading situation in the natural environment under high pressure and high temperature, and can also increase the burden on high-temperature heat insulation equipment. Under the condition, the structure around the wall can strengthen the stable structure of the surrounding support. 3. To bear the high gravity: for the construction of the protection of the house, strengthen the construction structure, improve the situation of serious corrosion in the high temperature environment with heat insulation resistance, and assist in the beautiful supporting gravity to resist rainwater The situation of excessive invasion also improves the compactness of the size and is strong enough to prevent easy fall off. Tag: color stone coated steel roof tile, color stone metal tile production line, (739)
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