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The firing process and classification of roof tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-03
We have learned about the overlap and leakage prevention of roof tiles before, and we know that the overlap of the tiles has an important effect on its use and can extend its service life. The lap of the roof tile after installation determines its protective ability and aesthetics. And after a good tile pavement is successful, it looks like the seams are neat and uniform, and the horizontal and vertical lines are all lined up like printing, which looks quite beautiful. The roof tiles are designed in different styles according to different roofing requirements. The tile is fired at a high temperature of 1200°. It has a high density and strong compression resistance. The surface of the tile uses a unique glazed surface treatment process, which is water-tight, frost-resistant and heat-insulating. Strong, resistant to high temperature, cooling, long time does not grow moss and other advantages. Let me give you a detailed introduction to the firing process and classification of roof tiles! The firing process of the roof tiles are as follows: First: the raw materials used for the blanks are taken. The roofing tiles of our company use Foshan's unique kaolin. Second: After the raw material of the blank is pulled back, first crush it with a coarse crusher, etc., and then carry out a step of screening. Then enter the fine crushing process, at this time the basic raw materials are formed at one time. Third: Mixed processing, we use water to mix the finely pulverized raw materials, and then use a unique and exclusive secret recipe. Just like kneading flour, we constantly change the viscosity of the soil. Finally, after dozens of processes, we can enter the process of mud fermentation and staleness. After a period of time, we have to continue rolling and adding water to get the kind of material we want. Fourth: After a period of time, the machine will be suppressed, and the original model of the tile will be established. Put it in a ventilated and sunny room to dry. Fifth: Applying glaze, this process requires a certain skill, which is not something ordinary people can handle. We are all materials developed by our masters using unique methods. Sixth: Finally, use a high temperature of 1200° for firing. After cooling, check the quality of each tile. After the quality is passed, there will be a chance to be appreciated by various builders and users. There are many types of roof tiles. The main classification method is based on their raw materials. There are clay tiles, colored concrete tiles, asbestos water-mixed corrugated tiles, glass fiber magnesium corrugated tiles, glass fiber reinforced cement (GRC) corrugated tiles, and glass. Tiles, colored polyvinyl chloride tiles, glass fiber reinforced polyester lighting products, polycarbonate lighting products, colored aluminum alloy profiled products, color coated steel profiled products, colored steel asphalt felt tiles, steel insulation materials sandwich panels , Glazed tiles, etc. Among them, clay tiles, colored concrete tiles, glass tiles, glass fiber magnesium corrugated tiles, glass fiber reinforced cement corrugated tiles, and linoleum tiles are mainly used for sloped roofs of civil buildings, polycarbonate lighting products, color aluminum alloy pressed products, Color-coated steel profiled products, steel-mining insulation material sandwich panels, etc. are mostly used in industrial buildings, asbestos water-mixed corrugated tiles, steel mesh cement tiles, etc. are mostly used in simple or temporary buildings. Glazed tiles are mainly used for roofing or wall tiles in garden buildings and antique buildings. Tag: roof tile construction, (897)
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