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The difference between the two roof tile construction methods

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-11
Nowadays, people’s pursuit of beauty is becoming more and more intense, especially for their own houses, they also have very high requirements for roof decoration, and the tiles that can be seen by them are roof tiles, because the tiles are colorful and colorful. Lightweight, waterproof and other advantages. However, some roof tiles may look attractive at first glance, but there are a little flaws when you appreciate them carefully. So what do these small defects have to do with the construction of roofing tiles? Let's look down together! If you want the roof tile to look beautiful, safe and convenient, of course, it is inseparable from its construction method. The next thing we want to understand is the difference between the two roof tile construction methods, and hope to help everyone! So far, there are two common roof tile construction methods, which can be divided into dry construction and wet construction. 1. Dry construction Dry construction is a kind of roof tile construction that is different from traditional cement mortar. It is suitable for different climatic conditions. In the whole roof construction process, cement mortar is not used as a building material binder, and it can still be used. Realize perfect roof function. Roof tile construction-the characteristics of wet construction 1. After several freeze-thaw cycles and weathering processes, the mortar is prone to leakage or even falling off; it will be long in the roof construction in a humid alkaline environment after being washed by rain. The effect of time on the tile body will reduce the color and other properties of the tile. 2. The installation performance of the tiles during roof construction is poor, and the flatness of the roof is not easy to control, which results in the slow progress of the roof construction, which is easily affected by the weather, and the construction period of the roof is not easy to guarantee. 3. The mortar pollutes the roof, thereby affecting the overall facade effect of the roof construction. 4. It is easy to produce thermal bridge effect, which is not conducive to energy saving. 2. Wet construction: Wet construction is to use 1:25 cement mortar for the main tiles, ridge tiles and cornice tiles, and then use tools such as spring ink fountain, hammer, shovel, electric saw, wooden trowel, paint pen, etc. Carry out the installation of roof tiles. Roof tile construction-features of dry construction 1. Safety: The use of buckle and other fastening systems can still ensure the safety of roof construction in very bad weather. A ventilated and dry environment can also improve the performance and quality of the tile. The color will be longer lasting. 2. It can save roof construction and installation time: in some bad weather conditions, roof construction can still be carried out without special tools for installation, which greatly saves roof construction time. 3. Beautiful: It can improve the performance of the building facade, and at the same time eliminate the mortar pollution caused by the lack of skills of the roofing construction workers. 4. Save money: simplify the roof structure, improve the roof function, optimize the roof construction cost, and do not require special post-maintenance. 5. Optimization: It can reduce the overall load of the roof and at the same time reduce the difficulty of roof construction. The above is the difference between the two roof tile construction methods. You should first understand which roof construction method you choose for your own roof in order to better play the various effects of the roof. Related reading: Construction sequence of roof tile S tile Tag: roof tile construction, (856)
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