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The difference analysis of common roof tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-02
There are many types of roof tiles, and the common roofing tiles are roughly divided into five categories, namely cement tiles, fiberglass tiles, color steel tiles, ceramic tiles and magnesite tiles. So what are the differences between them as roof tiles? Next, please see the detailed analysis below! The difference analysis of common roofing tiles is as follows: 1. Cement tiles are made by compression molding or rolling with a certain proportion of cement mortar. The product components are cement, sand and pigments manufactured by factory processing, and its main feature is overlap. It is firm, and dry hanging construction method can be used (the roof tile and the roof structure layer have a space layer, which has a relatively good heat insulation effect). Since the cement tile is constructed by overlapping top and bottom and biting left and right, the waterproof function is relatively strong compared with other tiles. It can be used as the first waterproof function to enhance the leakage prevention of the roof. Moreover, the color of the cement tile is rich, and one tile The sheets can have two or even three colors, and the installation on the roof will be relatively beautiful in the future. There are two types of cement tiles, corrugated tiles and flat tiles, and there are more choices. 2. Fiberglass tile is also called linoleum tile or asphalt tile, so the name implies. Fiberglass tile is composed of modified asphalt, glass fiber, colorful ceramsite, and self-adhesive tape. The tile is characterized by light weight, about 10kg per square meter, and its raw material is modified asphalt. It only needs to be installed properly and the waterproof function can achieve better effects. It is especially suitable for flat-to-slope projects or wooden houses; because of the glass fiber tile The construction is simple, and the construction loss can be basically ignored, so it also enhances its market competitiveness and can save the project cost for the developer. The color of the fiberglass tile is diverse, and its beautiful effect is particularly strong after the installation on the roof. At present, the fiberglass tile is relatively popular in my country mainly in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. 3. is also called metal tile or galvanized steel tile. It is pressed into tile shape from galvanized steel plate. The surface layer can be treated with colorful ceramsite or baking varnish. It is characterized by light weight, high quality and higher price. , But its image is relatively firm and secure. It can also be used for steel structure or flat-to-slope projects. 4. Ceramic tile is also called terracotta. It is made by firing clay, and its characteristic is strong, but because it is made of clay, its environmental protection characteristics and richness of color are not as good as cement colored tiles, and Its price is relatively higher than that of cement colored tiles. Moreover, the ceramic tile base does not have a waterproof function and cannot enhance the leakage risk of the roof. 5. Magnesite tile is a new type of multi-functional and environmentally-friendly building material roofing tile. It uses magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride as the main raw materials, mixed with a certain proportion of perlite, glass fiber mesh cloth, wood fiber and so on. It has the characteristics of light weight, fire resistance, heat insulation, sound absorption, heat preservation, non-toxic and harmless, corrosion resistance and mildew resistance. It can be used as the roof tile of various buildings, and is especially suitable for large-scale buildings such as steel structure workshops and warehouses. It can play a good heat insulation function. Tag: roof tile, (922)
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