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The decoration difference between new roof tiles and ordinary tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-23
With the continuous development of the construction industry, more and more new roof tiles appear in our lives, and the general roof tiles can no longer keep up with the changing rhythm. After the appearance of new roof tiles, they have become the new favorites of people from all walks of life. However, there are many people who are not very familiar with this new type of tile, so they dare not try to use it. In response to this problem, I am here to share with you the difference between the decoration of new roof tiles and ordinary tiles, hoping to increase everyone's insights on new types of tiles, so that you can choose better! 1. Analysis of the reasons for the dispute between the old and the new. Why have traditional tiles that have been 'dominant' in the decoration market for many years replaced by new tiles? The editor believes that a large part of the reason: it is because of the diversification of decoration styles and consumers' gradual emphasis on high-quality decoration. The general roofing tiles are mostly cement tiles. The exterior color is made of white cement, quartz sand, inorganic pigments and a variety of additives. The color type is single, and the color coating is easily damaged under natural conditions and often appears. The phenomenon of uneven fading and discoloration. In modern construction, both the shape and the color of the construction are diversified, and the resistance between single tiles and various construction styles is intensified, so they are gradually eliminated. Moreover, people's requirements for decoration are getting higher and higher, and the decoration materials used must meet the requirements of health and environmental protection, rich colors, and durability, which further accelerates the speed of general tiles going downhill. Under the simultaneous action of objective and subjective reasons, new roof tiles conform to the trend and gradually become the best choice for new construction. 2. New-style tile VS general tile. Through the analysis of the above-mentioned reasons, we have a certain understanding of the new-style tile. Here, the editor introduces the characteristics of the new roof tiles. Different from the way that ordinary tiles are formed by roller pressing of dry hard concrete, the new type tiles are based on cement and silica sand, and use composite fibers of inorganic mineral fibers and organic fibers as reinforcement materials. It has the following characteristics: a, light weight High strength: Because of the different manufacturing process, the new-style tile is not as thick as the ordinary tile, and the weight per square meter is only 28 kilograms. At the same time of light weight, it also has strong resistance to pressure. The bearing capacity per square meter can reach more than 1300N. It is very suitable for roof flat-sloping and steel and wood structure projects to reduce roof load and project cost. b. Strong decoration: It has the three-dimensional appearance of clay tiles and thick slate tiles, and the decoration effect is good. Moreover, its color combination is rich, which can be well coordinated with different colors, roof exterior walls, surrounding environment, etc., and meets the characteristics of the diversity of construction styles. c. The construction is simple and durable: the new tile body is formed in multiple pieces, the size is appropriate, and the laying is simple, reducing the number of laying pieces and labor costs for using ordinary tiles. In addition, its service life can reach more than 30 years, which is much longer than the life of ordinary tiles more than ten years. d. Green and environmental protection are safer: In today's increasingly pursuit of health and environmental protection, decoration materials should also try to meet people's requirements. The new tile does not contain asbestos and will not cause damage to the human body. It is a 'healthy product' in the decoration materials. In addition, the new-style roof tiles have advantages that ordinary tiles cannot compare in terms of scope of application and resistance to corrosion caused by various climatic factors. In short, it is reasonable for the new roof tiles to become the 'new overlord'. However, I would like to remind everyone that when decorating, we must use high-quality new decorating materials to keep the house up with the times. Related reading: Difference analysis of common roof tiles Tags: roof tiles, new roof tiles, (638)
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