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The characteristics and methods of color steel tile roof waterproofing

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-29
There are certain precautions for the installation of color steel tiles, which we have introduced in detail last time. So what are the characteristics and methods of color steel tile roof waterproofing? Next, please see the detailed introduction below! The characteristics of roofing tiles roof waterproofing: in the current construction, we can often see the use of color steel tiles. The house in our home used to leak every rainy season, and the company’s color steel tile products are very suitable for roof leakage problems. Next, let’s take a look at the editor: First, let’s understand the commonly used color steel tile types for roof waterproofing: type 460, type 760, type 750, type 820, type 840, type 900, type 1050, type 850, type 880 After we understand these types, it is very helpful for us to choose our own products. The editor summarizes their characteristics for you, as follows: 1. Light weight: the weight per square meter is between 10 kg and 14 Between kilograms, as long as one thirtieth of a traditional brick wall. 2. High strength: it can be used as the load-bearing board of the ceiling enclosure structure and has good bending and compression resistance. 3. The exterior is beautiful in color, no additional decoration is required on the exterior, and a high-quality anti-corrosion layer is selected, and the shelf life is between ten to fifteen years. 4. The device is very sensitive and fast, which greatly shortens the construction period. roof waterproof method: Many constructions now use color steel tile as the roof, which is beautiful and cost-effective. So how to waterproof the roof has become a problem that needs to be faced. The editor summarizes the following for you: 1. To clean up the appearance, it is necessary to flatten the materials of the plates, and use the same materials to compact them, and the adjacent plates should be consistent. 2. Lay the slag layer, pull the line according to the requirements of the drawing to find a 2% slope, the thinnest direction is 20mm, start from one end, face the other end, and polish the surface. 3. Installation of exhaust holes The insulation layer should be equipped with exhaust ducts, and should be arranged in the structural layer, and holes should be punched in the insulation layer for exhaust. Tag: color steel tile, roofing tiles roof waterproof, color steel tile construction, (629)
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