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The characteristics and construction precautions of colored stone metal tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-14
Last time we introduced the structure and types of colored stone metal tiles. We know that there are many types and many functions. Moreover, the colored stone metal tile is a kind of expensive decorative fabric, so what are the characteristics and construction precautions of the colored stone coated steel roof tile? Let's take a look! The main characteristics of colored stone metal tiles: 1. Seismic resistance-when an earthquake occurs, the metal tiles will not fall off like ordinary tiles, reducing the phenomenon of hanging colors. 2. Lightweight-light weight, reducing the load-bearing capacity of buildings. 3. Convenience of construction-light weight, large area, simple accessories, greatly reducing the construction intensity and shortening the construction time. 4. Economical type-In the old building roof construction, there is no need to remove any roof materials and can be directly constructed, minimizing waste disposal costs. 5. Color stone metal tiles have the characteristics of weather resistance, moisture resistance, salt spray resistance, impact resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance, non-combustibility and so on. The product is made of galvanized steel sheet as the base material and is treated with a multi-layer protective film. It can withstand severe weather such as severe cold, hail, storm, rain and snow, and hot, earthquakes and assaults from natural disasters, without cracking and aging. , Burning in fire, wind blowing, has a long service life. 6. It can be used for wooden roof truss, steel frame, all-steel net frame, concrete roof. Because it has the characteristics of easy twists and turns, cuts, etc., it is suitable for all kinds of constructions. With regard to the slope (12-90 degrees), the roof can also be safely constructed. It is especially suitable for 'flat slope modification and roof innovation' projects. At the same time, it can replace the original clay tiles, cement tiles, color steel plates, glass fiber asphalt tiles, slate tiles, etc. It can be directly constructed without removing the original roof during construction. 7. Because of the large surface area and light weight of the metal tile, it can be bent and cut. The unique design and structure of the buckle and the horizontal nailing method are selected to be firmly connected to each other. This kind of dry construction is simple and convenient, and saves materials. Precautions for the construction of colored stone metal tiles: 1. The cross-sectional size of wooden hanging tiles is 30mm×40mm, and the exterior is painted with asphalt anticorrosive paint. 2. If the length of the roof slope is an integral multiple of the width of the steel tile, before installing the tile strips, measure the interval of 365mm from the horizontal roof ridge along the slope of the roof, and use nails to locate on both sides of the horizontal direction, and then pull the wire. Use a measuring ruler to measure the length of the remaining roof slope and position it at a distance of 370mm. 3. If the length of the roof slope is not an integral multiple of the width of the steel tile, the steel tile in the top row needs to be cut and bent. The distance between the horizontal roof ridge and the top hanging tile should be less than 365mm. 4. The distance between the cornice decorative board and the second hanging tile is 345mm. Use a measuring ruler to measure the length of the remaining roof and position it at a distance of 370mm. At the lap joint of the keel, the joint is lapped with a 500mm long keel of the same raw material and fixed with steel nails. 5. Fix the hanging tile on the roof according to the hanging tile line. The joints of the upper and lower hanging tiles should be interlaced, and the order of the hanging tiles should be from bottom to top. Tag: color stone metal tile construction, (604)
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