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The benefits of refurbished color steel tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-26
Because color steel tiles have excellent performance advantages, they are mostly used in the field of construction and real estate. Everyone should know that color steel tiles are directly laid on the roof. During the period, they will experience the baptism of sunlight and heavy rain. , Will also have a certain impact on this tile. If it is used for a long time, rust may appear, and it will be wasted if it is not used directly. Then at this time, it can be refurbished. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the entire renovation project, the renovation of color steel tiles needs to pay attention to many matters. As for this precaution, we have introduced in detail earlier. So what are the benefits of the refurbished roofing tiles? Let’s learn about it together! The benefits of the refurbished color steel tile are as follows: 1. The refurbishment will not affect the production in the factory. 2. The refurbished color steel tile will be more excellent in anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging properties. 3. The new roofing tiles has relatively strong acid and alkali resistance. 4. It can prevent further aging and rusting of the roof. 5. The refurbished color steel tile roof coating is tough, has better adhesion, and has good air permeability. The system will not crack, drum, and peel. 6. If only refurbishment, the cost is relatively low and the construction period is short, which can effectively extend the service life. In addition, during the construction process, when building color steel tiles, it is necessary to keep the core material away from electric welding, gas welding and other open flame operations. In the process of using this tile, the heat source and fire source cannot be close to the color steel plate, and a certain distance must be kept. In the formal installation, you need to pay attention to the tile type, and then use the correct laying method, and choose the overlapping method. It is suitable for roofs with a length of less than 15 meters. If it is greater than 15 meters, a staggered installation method is required. . It should be noted that the use of special nails must be hit in the middle of the tile bone, so that it can be effectively waterproof. The editor recommends that when installing the sealing strip, the sealing strip needs to be divided into two halves. When installing, the protruding part is needed for waterproof treatment. For the inclined surface, when installing, you need to install the water under the tile. The materials, then use waterproof bonding or cement for finishing. Tag: color steel tile, (614)
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