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The advantages and disadvantages of several kinds of color steel tile roof waterproof construction

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-09
Nowadays, color steel tiles are more suitable for civil buildings and special buildings. Because of their light weight and seismic resistance, they are widely used. However, after the color steel tile has been used for a long time, water leakage will inevitably occur. The main reason for the water leakage of the color steel tile roof was introduced last time, so for this phenomenon, we should realize that the timely waterproof construction work is Quite necessary. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of several kinds of color steel tile roof waterproof construction! 1. The structure of the waterproof layer in the popular foreign construction method: self-adhesive layer + polyester non-woven fabric + sunscreen coating layer Construction method: the self-adhesive layer is directly pasted on the color steel tile, and then painted with advanced sunscreen coating + polyester non-woven fabric + Two high-grade sunscreen coatings. Waterproof principle: The self-adhesive layer blocks all the gaps, nail holes and holes of the original color board. The non-woven fabric can resist the shear and tension from the color board. The sunscreen coating layer can resist the sun's ultraviolet rays, and at the same time, it can also maintain the waterproof layer. The advantages are: the waterproof layer is integrated, and the coating layer can be changed to a variety of colors, which can achieve the same color as the roof of the original residential area, and has a long service life. Disadvantages: the construction time is longer and the project cost is high. 2. The popular construction method of domestic design institutes Waterproof layer structure: Pe membrane + Pvc waterproof membrane Construction method: put PE membrane on the color board, use it as a moisture-proof layer, and cover with insulation boards, and then fix the PVC waterproof membrane by self-tapping nails , The side seam is welded with a welding machine. Waterproof principle: PVC waterproof membrane covers the entire roof seamlessly. The advantage is: the roof waterproof layer becomes a whole. Disadvantages: The waterproof layer is fixed by self-tapping nails, and the width is more than two meters. The entire roof waterproof layer is empty. Once the waterproof layer shows a small amount of damage, it will usually enter the wind, and the entire roof waterproof layer will be completely damaged. And the construction requirements are high and difficult. 3. Product name of the latest construction method: special waterproof coiled material for metal roofing. Waterproof layer structure: self-adhesive layer + metal aluminum foil (note: the two are a whole product). Construction method: remove the barrier film and paste it directly on the color steel tile. Waterproof principle: The self-adhesive layer is firmly pasted on the color plate to block all the parts that may see water on the color steel tile. Metal aluminum foil can also have the effects of sun protection, heat insulation, and heat dissipation, and at the same time, it has a corresponding maintenance effect on the entire waterproof layer. Advantages: The construction is more convenient, and the project cost is low. At the same time, the contact between the color steel tile and the air is completely isolated, which can achieve the effects of waterproof and anti-corrosion. Disadvantages: The construction is extremely convenient, and the construction unit does not follow the normal construction method or partial construction, which causes the roof temperature to be different and the service life is reduced. 4. General traditional construction method Waterproof layer structure: polyester non-woven fabric + sunscreen coating Construction method: apply polyester non-woven fabric when painting the coating, and then apply sunscreen coating on it, and then apply the sunscreen coating after forming . The principle of waterproofing: the paint is directly on the fully enclosed color panel roof, and the polyester non-woven fabric can play the role of reinforcement, and the waterproof layer surface becomes a whole. Its advantages are: the corresponding cost is lower, and the construction is also convenient. Disadvantages: First: Because there are not many manufacturers of roofing special waterproof coatings on the market, most construction units use general waterproof coatings instead, and finally the waterproof layer quickly loses its waterproof effect. Second: There is basically no polyester non-woven fabric on the market, so the construction unit can only replace it with a general non-woven fabric, and the general non-woven fabric basically has no tensile strength and can only play a filling effect . Related reading: Features and methods of color steel tile roof waterproofing Tags: color steel tile, roofing tiles roof waterproofing, color steel tile construction, (787)
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