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Ten elements of color stone metal tile installation

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-17
We have learned about the correct installation method of colored stone metal tiles. The installation sequence of metal tiles is: installation of water strips, installation of hanging tiles, installation of gutter plates, installation of main tiles, installation of ridge tiles, and eaves treatment. In addition, in addition to paying attention to these installation sequences, we also need to follow the ten elements of the installation of colored stone metal tiles. The following editor will introduce you to this aspect! The ten major elements of the installation of colored stone metal tiles are as follows: 1. Roof flatness—Before the installation of colored stone metal tiles on the entire building roof, the construction personnel must conduct a unified inspection on the direction of the roof and the flatness of the building roof. Ensure that the work is carried out effectively. 2. Treatment of the water along the water strip—The water along the water strip should be properly treated according to relevant standards. In terms of size selection: 40*40mm wood squares should be selected, with a spacing of 750mm, and the connection with the roof structure should be firm and flat. 3. Installation of hanging tiles—for the hanging tiles to be installed, it is recommended that you use a wood square of 40*40mm. The spacing is calculated from bottom to top. The first row is 345mm, and the second row to the second to last row is 370mm. The spacing of the last line is ≤365mm. It should be noted that the tile hanging strips need to be treated with timely anticorrosion in accordance with relevant standards. The hanging tiles should be laid evenly and evenly on the roof ridge to ensure that the tile surface is flat, the rows are neat, the overlap is tight, and the cornice is straight. 4. When fixing each main tile nail, you need to use at least 5 nails; when fixing round ridge tile nails, use at least 3 nails on one side; when fixing square ridge tile nails, use at least 5 nails on one side. 5. The spacing between each ridge tile should be even to ensure that the joint between the ridge tile and the diagonal ridge is tight, straight, smooth, free of undulations and leakage, and remember to use a sealing material to treat the joint between the ridge and the diagonal ridge. Dense. The flooding should be made straight and smooth, with tight seams to ensure no leakage. The fold width of the main tile on the side of the ridge tile strip is not less than 50mm, the length of the protruding eaves is 20-30mm, the fold width of the roof protruding parts such as gables, chimneys, etc. is not less than 50mm, and the overlap width between the main tiles It is 60-80mm, and the down-folding width of the main tile side at the gutter is not less than 50mm. 6. When cutting tiles, it is recommended that you use a special rolling knife. The ports on both sides of the ridge tile need to be blocked to ensure that it is flat and beautiful. 7. When fixing the colored stone metal tile, it is recommended that you use a special galvanized steel nail with a length of 52mm, and then use a special punch with a diameter of 8-10mm after the nail enters the tile at 8-12mm. Nail it to avoid damaging the outer surface of the colored stone coated steel roof tile. 8. When lapped each row of main tiles, everyone should follow the principle of lapped staggered seams from bottom to top and from left to right. Where the flashing board and the facade wall overlap, the flashing board needs to be covered on the upper folded part of the main tile, and nailed with steel nails, and then sealed with a sealing material to ensure that there is no leakage point. 9. The chimney, skylight and other parts on the roof need to be waterproofed. 10. After the installation of the colored stone metal tile is completed, it is recommended that you clean and inspect the roof to ensure that the metal tile is firmly fixed, tightly sealed, and the surface is flat. Tag: color stone coated steel roof tile installation, (612)
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