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Storage, transportation and loading and unloading of colored stone metal tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-15
I have learned about the role of colored stone metal tiles in daily life. I know that metal tiles can play the role of anti-hail, wind, earthquake, and fire prevention in daily life. Because of their many advantages, they are used by various builders. And what users are concerned about. In addition, color stone metal tiles are very important in storage, transportation, and loading and unloading. Improper storage, transportation, and loading and unloading will also affect the use of metal tiles! Let’s take a look at what matters to pay attention to when storing, transporting, loading and unloading colored stone metal tiles! 1. Storage 1. It is best to store indoors. Avoid open-air storage. If it is outdoor storage, you need to place sleepers horizontally at appropriate intervals under the tiles as stows, and then stack tiles on top. Special attention should be paid: we must make it well ventilated and absolutely avoid placing it directly on the ground. 2. Do not place it in a place contaminated by sand or dust. If there is sand and dust on the tiles, it will also affect the appearance of the tiles for the first time. 3. Taking into account the dangers, to prevent the deformation and damage of the tiles, try to avoid stacking them too high. 4. Strictly observe the precautions of the label attached by the manufacturer on the product. 2. Transportation, loading and unloading In order to ensure the quality of colored stone metal tiles, the following items must be strictly observed during transportation, loading and unloading: 1. Transport intact according to the manufacturer's product delivery state. Never remove the stow or turn the product upside down so that the two sides without stow face down. 2. In order to prevent bumps, it is not allowed to push or flip the product with a pusher. 3. Rubber pads should be laid on the transport truck trailer, or a special truck should be used to protect the outside of the tiles from being bumped. 4. When transporting colored stone metal tiles, we must firmly fix them so that the stacked tiles will not move due to vibration. In addition, do not pile up excessive tile weight for transportation. 5. When the tiles are taken out one by one, if you drag, the sharp cuts or the burrs generated when the tiles are cut will leave scratches on the tiles. Therefore, when fetching or moving the tiles, you must flat-end the tiles with both hands. Finally, you need to pay special attention: due to large or small vibrations during transportation, the colored stone metal tiles will generate large or small friction, which will cause some floating sand particles. This is a normal phenomenon and not a product. Quality issues. Tag: colored stone coated steel roof tile, colored stone coated steel roof tile construction, (593)
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