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Seven commonly used roof tile types

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-12
There are many types of roof tiles, and each type of tile has its own advantages and characteristics. Before we have introduced the difference analysis of common roofing tiles, we can see that these roof tiles have the characteristics of bright colors. So today we are going to introduce seven commonly used roof tile types, hoping to help you choose the tiles that are more suitable for you. The roof is very important in architectural design. are the most common and most important decorative material. And the shapes of tiles are varied, the following are several forms of tiles that are often used in the construction industry. 1. Spanish tile Spanish tile is also called S-shaped tile because of its appearance like the English letter 'S'. Because of its concise and generous features and diverse specifications, this tile is favored by various builders and users and is also promoted vigorously. However, its shape is wavy, the interface structure is unique, and its shape is warped, and the splicing size is strictly required. The requirements are higher. 2. The French Roman tile is different from the simple straight line of the flat tile, and different from the Spanish Swad simple curve, the Roman tile is more like a combination of the two, the straight line merges with the curve, and the practicality is the perfect product of decorative type. 3. The most primitive flat tile surface design of flat tile, it is difficult for wind and rain to penetrate, and rainwater can be discharged quickly and smoothly. It is the most practical roof tile. Under the modern production technology and roof tile leak-proof system, it brings better heat insulation performance to the flat tile. 4. Sky tube tiles are cone-shaped, which can be easily clamped one by one to the other. Paved on the sloping roof, the tube tiles are waterproof and can perfectly adapt to the torrential rainfall. 5. The simple lines of Japanese-style tiles outline a smooth plane, coupled with coordinated and a wide variety of colors, Japanese-style tiles bring more primitive charm to modern architecture, such as the elderly who have traveled through the ages, appearing vicissitudes and deep. 6. The traditional outer fillet tiles of fish scale tiles can also be called fish scale tiles or beef tongue tiles. The outer fillet tiles break the traditional rectangular shape. Its rich colors provide various combinations of mixed colors and single shops. The carefully crafted terracotta tiles are easy to cut, and the fish scale tiles are suitable for almost all shapes of roofs, and can easily cope with various complex shapes. 7. The small flat tile depends on the perfect size and double nail hole design, which makes the roof tile easy to be cut, stable and quickly installed. High-quality roofing tiles are made of high-quality clay and rigorous molds, making the geometry of the roof tiles quite regular. Related reading: The advantages and disadvantages of various types of roof tiles and their application tags: , (934)
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