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Selection and performance of resin roof tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-22
We have learned about the advantages of new roof tiles before, and we know that this new type of roof tiles has received more attention in the construction industry. What we are going to talk about today is one of the new types of tiles: resin roof tiles. Resin tiles can be divided into natural resin tiles and synthetic resin tiles. The resins on the market are generally synthetic resin tiles. However, the resin tiles on the market are dazzling and uneven. How should consumers choose? And how to correctly recognize the performance of resin tiles? The following editor will introduce the selection and performance of resin roof tiles! Nowadays, resin roof tiles are a new generation of environmentally friendly chemical building materials, and resin roof tiles have won the attention and recognition of more and more professionals and consumers with their unique performance advantages. The selection and performance of resin roof tiles are as follows: 1. Burning with fire: Consumers can ignite a corner of the resin tile with fire when selecting the resin tile. After the fire source leaves, if it is a real resin tile, the flame will immediately automatically Extinguished, but the fire of the fake resin tile is still burning and has a greater pungent smell. The fundamental reason is that a large amount of heavy calcium carbonate is added to the fake and inferior resin tile. In order to make the product have a certain degree of flexibility, a plasticizer is also added to it, and this material has a certain combustion-supporting effect. Of course, the fake and inferior resin tile It does not meet the national fire protection requirements, and it has poor weather resistance and is prone to cracks under sunlight. 2. Hand weighing and knocking on it: the texture of the resin tile is light, but the knocking sound between the board and the board will have a dull feeling, while the fake and imitation resin tile has a heavy feeling by hand, but the board and The percussive sound between the plates is crisp. Secondly, you can observe its appearance: the outline of the resin tile is clear, and the material itself is shiny, so the dull and non-glossy resin tile is fake. After that, the most important thing is: users should know the unique performance advantages of resin tiles in advance, so that consumers can understand their importance in the process of use: first, the waterproof performance of resin tiles is outstanding, which is in the slope of 15 degrees-90 degrees. No waterproof layer is required for use in construction. Secondly, the wind resistance and earthquake resistance of the resin tile are also outstanding, so that whether it is used in villas or high-rises, inland or coastal, it can withstand hurricanes and earthquakes, and the roof system is safe and reliable. Finally, the resin roof tiles are rich in color, novel in personality, and lasting stability. These are the unique advantages that are greatly different from other traditional materials. The above is the selection and performance of resin roofing tiles. In order to tell users, when choosing resin tiles, not only should consider the best-selling resin tiles, but also know the choice of resin tiles in advance. Skills and the advantages of the resin tile itself, so as to ensure the quality of the resin tile. Tag: roof tile, (600)
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