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Safety matters for the use of electricity for color steel tile equipment

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-26
Color steel tiles are used in the construction industry, especially industrial buildings or civil buildings. There are many characteristics of color steel tile. This tile is not only bright in color and light in weight, but also has the characteristics of convenient construction. However, when the color steel tile equipment is using electricity, there are some safety precautions that need to be paid attention to, and everyone should not ignore it. The following editor will introduce to you the safety precautions of using electricity for color steel tile equipment! The color steel tile equipment has a light steel structure. The components of the light steel structure are relatively light in weight and the height of the device is not large. Therefore, the cranes selected for the component devices are mostly self-propelled (crawler) cranes and towers that are sensitive to walking. The crane is mainly used. The boom length of the selected tower crane should have sufficient coverage and lifting capacity to meet the lifting requirements of different parts. When multi-machine operation, the boom should have sufficient height , There is a safe transfer space that can not bump into. Some small components with light weight, such as sandalwood strips, color steel plates, etc., can also be lifted and installed directly by humans. The number of cranes can be reasonably determined according to the project scale, installation project size and construction period requirements. equipment must pay attention to electrical safety issues: 1. The electrical equipment should be inspected and maintained as scheduled, and unnecessary electrical equipment lines should be completely removed. 2. Part of the power outage homework. When the neighboring electrical body is less than 0.9 meters away from the inspecting staff, dry wood rubber or insulating materials must be used for reliable temporary shelter. 3. When using electric tools, there is a maintenance to prevent electric shock. 4. When using a ladder, the angle between the ladder and the situation should be 60 degrees. When using a ladder in a cement situation, there must be anti-skid methods and someone must hold the ladder. 5. When it is found that any conductive part of the color steel tile equipment is grounded, before the power supply is blocked, no one is allowed to approach, except for rescuers who get an electric shock. The distance is 4 meters away from the neighboring area and 1.8 meters away from the room to avoid step voltage damage. 6. Electricians must know the types and functions of the electrical wiring and electrical equipment in the workshop. If they do not fully understand the functions of the electrical equipment, risky homework is prohibited. 7. Electricians should check the status of cables, motors, electric consoles and other equipment as scheduled day by day. When problems are found during the check, they must be dealt with in time. When checking the temperature of the motor, first check that there is no electricity before experimenting with the back of the hand. 8. Except for temporary construction or temporary use of electricity, temporary wires are not allowed, and lights, instruments, tools, and electric welding machines are not allowed. Safe switches and sockets must be used. The original electrical wiring must not be changed privately. . Tag: color steel tile equipment, (602)
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