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Reinforcement construction technology of roof tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-04
In the process of laying roof tiles, it is very important to achieve a fixed effect. Firmly laying roof tiles is not only a requirement for waterproofing, but also a requirement for safety. If this tile is not reinforced, it will cause a slide, which will not only affect the waterproof effect, but also cause certain safety accidents. In order to avoid these phenomena, the staff must reinforce the roofing tiles. The following editor will introduce the reinforcement construction technology of roof tiles in detail. 1. Material requirements The flat tiles and ridge tiles selected for the roof should be neatly arranged on the edge, smooth in appearance, and free of defects such as delamination, cracks, and exposed sand; the size of the claws and the grooves of the flat tiles should be matched. Tiles should be selected before laying tiles. The quality of flat tiles should meet the requirements. Defective tiles such as cracks, missing corners, missing edges, few claws, sand holes, uneven warping, openings, etc. shall not be used, but the missing corners and missing edges of half of the tiles The flat tiles can be used on the edge of the eaves, sloping ditch or sloping ridge, and the surface of the used part must not have any defects or cracks. 2. The construction of flat tiles The order of hanging tiles is from the bottom to the top of the cornice and from left to right. The eaves tile should be 50-70mm out of the cornice. The back paws of the tile should be firmly fixed to the hanging strips, nailed to the hanging strips with galvanized steel nails, and should be tightly fitted with the tile grooves of the adjacent and lower tiles at any time. Pay attention to the tile surface, the corrugation is straight. Cornice tiles and oblique gutter tiles are fastened to the hanging tiles with galvanized iron wire or double-stranded copper wire, and each tile must be firmly fixed to the hanging tiles. If you use mortar to post or nest tiles, it is necessary to mix 902 glue in the mortar or choose polymer mortar to improve the bonding strength of the mortar, the mortar is full, and the bonding is strong with the tiles. The cornice shall be blocked and flattened with mortar. 3. Reinforcement 1. Reinforcement construction process The reinforcement method is as follows: Two A10 expansion screws are embedded on the side of the gutter, and the vertical spacing is determined according to the depth of the gutter (to ensure the stability of the square pipe pole), and to ensure that it is vertical. The horizontal spacing is 3m according to the design requirements. The square tube vertical rod and the expansion bolt are fully welded and connected, and the welding meets the standard requirements. The longitudinal full-length galvanized flat iron set at the roof tile position is fully welded to the horizontal galvanized square pipe, and the weld height is not less than 5mm. 2. Anti-rust method: After the welding is completed, carry out the anti-rust treatment of the welding seam. 1) Check the appearance quality after welding. The weld seam should be continuous and full, and spot welding is prohibited. 2) Remove the welding slag and use a grinding wheel to smooth the welding burr. 3) Use red lead to make the weld seam, and brush the anti-rust paint twice and the top coat twice. 4) If the galvanized layer is damaged or scratched, rust prevention should be done according to the above requirements. 3. Precautions for reinforcement 1) Pay attention to product protection when working on the roof, avoid loosening and polluting the roof tiles during construction, avoid blocking the gutter, and clean up the waste and debris in time, and do it lightly and lightly. Handle with care to avoid damaging roof tiles, roof waterproof layer and insulation layer. 2) Before the start of the reinforcement construction, a small area of u200bu200btrial paving should be pre-installed, and some special parts or complex roofs should also be lofted and adjusted. After inspection and approval by Party A's engineering department and the supervisor, the full construction should be carried out. 3) During the construction process, we must always strictly abide by the 'Safety Production Rules and Regulations' and do a good job of safety protection. It is necessary to hang safety belts during construction to prevent people and objects from falling. 4) Pay attention to safety and fire prevention operations, educate each construction personnel, especially welding personnel, on safety and fire prevention knowledge, enhance safety and fire prevention awareness, and prepare fire prevention methods and devices in place to prevent fires. IV. Maintenance 1. The city/independent project company arranges engineering, property and repair personnel to check the roof tiles and reinforcement status every year, and establish an inspection account. If the roof tiles are defective or loose, they should be replaced and repaired in time. 2. The city/independent project company shall conduct anti-rust and anti-corrosion inspections on reinforcement materials every two years, and repaint them. Tag: villa roof tile, villa roof tile construction, roof tile, roof tile construction, (679)
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