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Regarding the length, production process and precautions of color steel tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-09
Color steel tiles are made of color coated steel plates, which are processed into various profiled plates. Today, the editor will introduce to you about the length of the color steel tile, the production process and the precautions during the construction. The length of color steel tiles There are many sizes of color steel tiles, and the ones with 840 width and 900 width are more widely used in the market, and they are easy to transport in rolls. In addition, the width of the color steel tile is adjustable between 8.4cm-8.5cm, and the thickness of the color steel gusset is generally between 0.38mm-0.45mm. Color steel tiles can be customized according to their own needs, generally no more than 9 meters. The production process of color steel tiles is well known, and the production process directly affects the quality of color steel tiles. Next, let us learn about the production process of color steel tiles. 1. Use an uncoiler to stably convey the uncoiled substrate according to the frequency conversion working frequency; then use a stitching machine to sew the joints of the strips to ensure the stable operation of production. 2. Use a tension machine to ensure the smooth operation of the steel plate and avoid the bottom of the furnace from being scratched by the steel plate. 3. In order to ensure the continuation of the production of strips and produce high-quality color steel tiles, when connecting the strips, it is necessary to provide effective and sufficient time for the strips. 4. Clean the oil and impurities of the substrate, so as to ensure the cleanness of the board; and after degreasing, it must be cleaned with water until no residual liquid remains. 5. After cleaning, prepare for the first initial coating, that is, apply primer and back paint to the color steel tile. Precautions for color steel tiles during construction 1. Because the roof has a large slope and many ridges, the elevations of the ridge beams, cornices, dormer windows, and start and end points of the catchment line must be accurately controlled during the construction process . In addition, when scaffolding is erected and dismantled, attention should be paid to construction safety and ensure the normal progress of construction. 2. If the roof slope is large, the workers must be strictly informed about the safety technology and safety protection measures during the grassroots treatment and tile installation. 3. Strictly control the arrangement, internal corners, external corners, end tiles, etc. of the color steel tiles, and beware of water leakage. 4. Safety fences, safety nets or other protective measures to prevent falling must be installed around the roof and reserved holes. Tag: color steel tile, roofing tiles production process, (666)
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