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Raw materials and composition of colored stone metal tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-15
Before, we have learned about the commonly used accessories for colored stone metal tiles, and we know that there are many commonly used accessories for this tile, namely: flood panels, cornices, gables, ridge tiles, and gutters. After these accessories are used in conjunction with the colored stone metal tiles, the roof will have the advantages of tight overlap, imperviousness to wind and rain, beautiful appearance and strong integrity. The existence of tiles is not only used to decorate the roof, its main function is to prevent the roof from leaking, and it can play a role in sheltering the wind and rain. Speaking of tiles, we have to think of the color stone metal tiles that are of great concern in the construction industry. The reason why they are popular with the public is mainly due to its advantages and functions. No matter how complex your roof is, colored stone metal tiles can make it into a perfect roof effect. Good materials are the key to choosing a product. Our company mainly produces high-quality and low-cost products. The quality of the raw materials of the product is related to the quality of the product itself. You can use products with good materials with confidence. The following editor mainly introduces the raw materials and composition of the color stone metal tile! The raw materials of colored stone metal tiles are steel plate, colored sand and glue. Color stone coated steel roof tile can also be called vermiculite metal tile or galvanized steel tile. It is a new type of earthquake-resistant building material. Compared with other tiles, its hardness is relatively high, and its service life can be long. More than 50 years, various colors, easy to install. The color stone metal tile is based on a 0.4mm thick galvanized steel sheet, with natural basalt attached to it, and sintered sand made by firing at a high temperature of 800 degrees. Regarding glue, according to the difference in temperature between north and south, our factory uses glue with 80% silica gel purity in the south, while antifreeze glue is used in the north. 1. There is a fingerprint-resistant coating on the aluminum-zinc plated. The fingerprint-resistant coating can protect the aluminum-zinc layer. At the same time, the fingerprint-resistant coating can better bond the aluminum-zinc steel plate and the colored sand, and is resistant to fingerprints. The color of the coating can be divided into colorless, transparent and light green. 2. Colored sand is the decorative layer and base protection layer of metal tiles. It is made of basalt particles with a certain size through high-tech coloring process and high-temperature sintering. And it has more than ten colors, can be resistant to ultraviolet radiation, and can also reduce the noise caused by rainwater to the metal tiles. 3. Acrylic resin is the key material for bonding steel plate and colored sand. At the same time, it is also a protective layer on the outer surface of the sand, which can prevent the leakage of rainwater in detail, and can also extend the life of the sand color. The composition of the color stone coated steel roof tile is as follows: ①Acrylic protective layer; ②Basalt colored stone particles; ③Acrylic layer; ④Fingerprint resistant protective layer; ⑤Aluminum-plated layer; ⑥Base steel plate; ⑦Aluminum-plated layer; ⑧Fingerprint resistant protective layer; ⑨Acrylic protective layer; ⑩Organic coating. Tag: color stone coated steel roof tile, color stone metal tile standard, (732)
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