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Precautions for the selection of roof tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-03
Roof tile is the most popular tile in the construction industry. It is not only bright in color, but also has good rainproof function. The most important thing is to improve the grade of the house. The house with the roof tile looks unique and tall. on. However, the choice of roof tiles is a headache for the majority of users, and it is a difficult problem for them to solve. The following editor will introduce the specific considerations for roof tile selection, I hope to help everyone! 1. Choose a formal and professional manufacturer, a formal and professional roof tile manufacturer, with a stable source of colored sand, professional roof tile production equipment and scientific and reasonable production process control, and a professional research team and pre-sales and sales Report to the service team, with vivid product packaging and certification marks. At the same time, there must be a relatively rich product system, and it can be customized quickly, and the price is reasonable, and the quality is stable. 2. The color of the tiles is judged by some small factories. In order to reduce the cost in the selection of raw materials, some or all of the low-priced glues are used to replace the water-based acrylic emulsion. This is necessary for the water resistance and resistance of the coating in the later stage. Pollution, bonding strength, and service life have a severe impact. For roof tiles that cannot be customized into custom colors, use water-based colorants for color mixing. Although the colors are basically the same, it is easy to form blooms during the spraying process, which gradually fades during use, and even severely discolors. It is best to cause direct discoloration. The natural stone-like effect of roof tiles is lost. 3. Control of color difference between batches and product quality stability. Natural colored sand is used for roof tiles. Due to the constraints of natural elements such as sand sources, it is necessary to ensure that there is no color difference between the same color number and different batches. Great difficulty. However, small factories have low equipment and production capacity, and low batches of materials, resulting in different batches of the same color number during the construction process, and sometimes even color differences between the same batch of the same color number, which seriously affects The quality of the project. 4. Timeliness of supply and service. Small sample modulation and large sample production of roof tiles are restricted by the raw material colored sand. Without a certain type, it is difficult to prepare the color required by the customer. In addition to the logistics and delivery time, it is difficult to meet the project. The timeliness of supply will ultimately directly affect the progress of the project. The tile construction method is flexible, it can be sprayed, scraped, and can be made into various shapes. Construction consultation and construction guidance have become very important. This puts strict requirements on the after-sales service of the tile manufacturer. Related reading: How to choose villa roof tiles Tags: villa roofing tiles, roofing tiles, (590)
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