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Precautions for the construction of villa roof tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-07
Earlier, we have learned about the advantages and methods of construction of villa roofing tiles. We can learn from it that houses covered with villa roof tiles have a very beautiful appearance, long-lasting color, and good stability. They are also suitable for severe weather conditions. So what are the precautions for the construction of villa roof tiles? Let’s get to know it together! The precautions for the construction of villa roofing tiles are as follows: 1. Transport the tiles from the ground to the roof, and handle them with care to avoid breakage. 2. Laying of ridge tiles: ridge tiles should be laid against the direction of the annual maximum frequency wind (from east to west, from south to north) to ensure that the tiles will not be lifted by the wind when encountering strong winds. In order to ensure that the roof ridge (including the oblique ridge) is flat and straight, it is necessary to lay the ridge tiles. When there is a lightning protection belt at the ridge, the gap between the cut holes on the ridge tile is sealed with silica gel. 3. Jointing: the pure cement slurry is fully mixed with glue and then painted on the exposed grout. Please note that it cannot be painted on the surface of the main tile and ridge tile. 4. Make sure that the eaves are straight and neat. 5. After entering the construction site, you must wear a safety helmet, wear non-slip shoes, and fasten your seat belt correctly. Do not wear slippery shoes on the roof; do not chase or play on the construction site, and cannot enter the construction work surface after drinking. 6. Mortar and villa roofing tiles should be put into special utensils, not directly on the roof panel. The mortar should be mixed and used. The mixed mortar should be used up within 2 hours. The use of overnight mortar is strictly prohibited; the hopper should not be used. , The material bowl is placed on the inclined roof overnight. 7. Collect the required materials and tools during construction to prevent falling objects from high altitude. If cross construction is required, please notify the on-site supervisor and foreman to coordinate the work surface to be staggered. 8. In weather with wind force exceeding level 5 and above, operations are prohibited, and operations are prohibited in thunderstorms. 9. The materials to be transported must be placed on a stable place to prevent slipping and hurting people. 10. When constructing near the side, there must be safety guard railings, and steel fences should be spread all over the working surface. Tag: villa roof tile construction, (745)
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