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Precautions before and after installation of metal roof tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-19
We have introduced the installation conditions and preparations of metal roof tiles. From this we can understand that the construction of this tile has certain installation conditions for the roof structure and the bottom layer, and corresponding preparations must be made before construction. However, there are also some matters needing attention before and after installation of metal roof tiles. Let's take a look! The precautions before and after the installation of metal roof tiles are as follows: Before installing metal roof tiles, the base surface must be treated accordingly. The treatment should be firm and flat, clean, free of dust, oil, concrete release agent and other miscellaneous materials. For hollow drums, loose base surfaces, and sharp protrusions, they should be removed and repaired with repair mortar; for greasy base surfaces, 10% sodium hydroxide solution can be used to wipe, and then rinse with water to clean; yin and yang It is recommended to make a 45° arc angle at the corner. Laying of metal roof tiles: (1) In order to protect the finished product, the order of laying roof tiles should be from top to bottom, and laid separately in rows. Note: The laying sequence of metal tiles: horizontal roof tiles from top to bottom, from left to right or from right to left. The first row of steel tiles needs to be cut, the steel tiles at the edge of the sloping roof need to be cut, the entire tile should be folded, the sloping roof tile, and the color stone galvanized metal tile paving sequence. (2) Make the allowance for bending (A+40mm), and draw the cut line. A special guillotine is used for cutting. During the construction process, the core material of the metal roof tile should be kept away from open flame operations such as electric welding and gas welding. And in the process of using colored stone tiles, some heat and fire sources should not be close to the colored steel tiles, but a certain distance should be kept. Pay attention to the correct laying method of the metal tile during installation. The overlapping type is suitable for roofs with a length of ≦15m, and the interlaced type is suitable for roofs with a length of ≧15m. The special nail must be hit in the middle of the tile bone to have a waterproof effect. The metal roof tiles are well treated with the bottom layer during the decoration, which will increase the service life, and the overall effect of the decoration will be better. If the base surface has defects or cracks, it is necessary to carry out the treatment before the waterproof layer can be constructed. In the process of all metal tile construction, the acquisition of talents, the technical staff of the products, and the talents must abide by the rules and regulations, and then implement them. For the unqualified talents, it is forbidden to enter the construction site, and the quality of the project must be implemented. High standard conditions. Metal tiles can be used for wooden roof trusses, steel frames, all-steel grids, and concrete roofs. Because it has the characteristics of easy bending and cutting, it is suitable for various constructions, and can be safely constructed for roofs with an inclination (12-90 degrees). It is especially suitable for 'flat slope modification and roof innovation' projects. At the same time, it can also replace the original clay tiles, cement tiles, color steel plates, glass fiber asphalt tiles, slate tiles, etc. The original roof can be directly constructed without removing the original roof during construction. Metal roof tiles not only have the natural and thick and excellent decorative properties of traditional clay tiles, but also have the lightness, solidity and durability of modern metal tiles. It is now the mainstream high-end roofing material in the world. Metal tiles are also suitable for roofing projects built with sloped roofs of various styles and structures (wood structure, steel structure, concrete structure), as well as for existing flat-to-slopes, old roof innovations and partial decoration of buildings, etc. engineering. Tag: color stone metal tile installation, (625)
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