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Overlap and leakage prevention of roof tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-04
In the construction process of roof tiles, the reinforcement of roofing tiles is not only very important, but its overlap is also very important. Only by adopting the correct overlap method, can the roof tiles achieve better leak-proof effect. The following will introduce the overlap and leakage prevention of roof tiles! Leakproofing is one of the most important functions of roof tiles, but it is not easy to prevent rain and leaking well. For example, if the structure of the tile itself is unreasonable, the leakage prevention effect will be poor. Compared with single-layer tiles and double-layer tiles, the joints of single-layer tiles are at the highest point of the tile edges and the overlap is tight and firm, with small gaps, forming 'S'-shaped joints, not afraid of crosswinds, and rain drops into the joints. The amount of water entering the water trench is very small and will not leak rain. Double-layer tiles, the joints are at the half-slope of the tile edges, dense and thick, with multi-layer effect, deeper waterproof, and strong anti-leakage during heavy storms. In addition to the structural form, the impermeability of the tile also has a great influence on the leakage prevention. A tile with a lower density has a high water seepage rate. When it rains continuously, some rainwater will penetrate the tile body, drip from the back, and seep into the house. As for high-density tiles, no matter how long the continuous rain and rain, the tile body will not seep water, and the leak-proof function is quite reliable. The overlap of roof tiles plays an important role in its use and can extend its service life. The lap of the roof tile after installation determines its protective ability and aesthetics. After a good roof tile is installed, it looks like the seams are neat and uniform, and the horizontal and vertical lines are all lined up like printing, which looks quite beautiful. The quality of the lap joint is determined by the dimensional accuracy, flatness and structure of the roof tile. Its thermal insulation performance is also ensured by tight lap joints. The tiles are overlapped, and an air layer is enclosed under the roof tiles, so its thermal insulation performance is good. If the roof tiles are lapped and the gap is large for ventilation, the heat insulation effect will be greatly reduced. This is the same as the principle of double-glazed heat and sound insulation. If you make a hole in the glass, it will not heat and sound. Lay the two roof tiles together to see if they are tightly occluded. The lap seam of a good tile will be less than 1mm into an 'S'-shaped buckle, which is slit at the highest point of the roof tile (similar to the watershed ridge) The rainwater diverges on both sides of the joint, and only the rainwater directly dripping into the joint enters the water groove of the roof tile. This overlapping form of tile has a particularly strong ability to prevent crosswinds, so it is not afraid of violent storms. Most of the roof tile lap joints are opened on the half slope of its own edge, with a length of 25-30mm (25-30 times the amount of water in the former), and rainwater must enter the water groove. Although the rainproof capacity of the double sink is limited. In addition, it is afraid of crosswinds, so it is easy to leak during storms, and the corresponding thermal insulation performance is also poor. The paving of this kind of tiles is very difficult, and it is not easy to lay neatly, and has been gradually eliminated in foreign countries. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, many people naturally put forward higher requirements for living conditions, and living comfort is one of the important indicators. To be comfortable, the house must have good thermal insulation performance, and the roof tiles are responsible for this important task. The thickness of the tile itself is limited, and it cannot be insulated. The heat insulation depends on the air tightly sealed under the tiles. The more tightly sealed, the better the heat insulation. It won't work if the air is ventilated from all sides. The size is accurate, the overlapping structure is reasonable, and the tile that does not warp or warp will look like a whole after being built, and it will be tightly sealed. In addition to good rain and wind, it can naturally also play a good role in heat insulation. Tag: roof tile, roof tile construction, (666)
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