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On the method of repairing damaged color steel tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-10
Nowadays, color steel tile has become the first choice of many householders, because it is economical, durable and beautiful. Today, let us take a closer look at the color steel tile. The reason for the deformation of the color steel tile is one: the roof span is large, and over time it forms the center of water accumulation, the central gravity increases, and the more rains, the more severe the deformation, and even the roofing tiles appears to collapse. Reason 2: For roofs with mineral wool, mineral wool has a water-absorbing effect. In rainy days, all the rainwater leaking from the roof gathers in the mineral wool, increasing the weight. Reason 3: When the roof is high in summer, sudden heavy rain will cause the temperature to drop sharply, the roofing tiles will shorten rapidly, and the color board will be deformed and the nails will become loose. How to repair the damaged color steel tile If the roofing tiles is damaged and installed, it may lack aesthetics, and it may also have a corresponding impact on the continuous use of the product, especially in some acid-base and salt-fog environments under. Therefore, when we encounter this kind of problem, we first need to solve this problem: how to repair the damaged color steel tile? 1. Generally speaking, if the damaged area of u200bu200bthe color steel tile is not large, you can use the cloth wheel to lightly throw it, apply anti-rust oil and store it, and then carry out the subsequent painting process. In addition, it needs to be removed during painting. oil. 2. If the color steel tile is damaged and the rust spots are deeper and the injured area is larger, then we must carry out relevant treatments on the surface, and then carry out relevant repairs. After a reasonable and complete restoration, we can use color steel tiles more effectively and reduce economic losses. Method to deal with surface corrosion of color steel tile 1. First, pave the carcass base cloth as a whole and apply four coats of organic silicon paint. 2. If there are rust spots on the surface of the color steel tile, first use a grinder or sandpaper to polish the floating rust on the surface. 3. If there have been damaged holes, pave the rusty cavity with a non-woven fabric of appropriate size before the grinding is completed and the whole cloth is spread, as a strengthening treatment, and then pave the carcass base cloth as a whole. Tag: color steel tile, (1,380)
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