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Matters needing attention in the construction of color steel tile waterproof plugging

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-25
We have learned about the precautions for the construction of color steel tiles. We know that we need to prevent the tiles from sticking on the three sides, and need to adjust the depth of the gap. In addition, don’t forget to clean up the impurities between the gaps, and pay attention to protection and maintenance in the later period. Only by accomplishing these can the color steel tiles have a better waterproof effect and can extend the life of the tiles! The waterproof plugging works of color steel tile include: water plugging, power plant cooling tower plugging; various civil air defense caverns; cable trench plugging; pool (sewage pool, food pool) plugging; and various dams, Anti-seepage, anti-leakage, plugging and mending leakage of tunnels, culverts, mines, pits, tunnels and rock foundations, etc. In these waterproof plugging construction processes, there are many safety matters that need our attention, and we must not ignore them. The following editor will introduce the precautions in the waterproof plugging construction of color steel tiles! 1. When transporting colored steel tiles, remember to handle them with care and disperse them when stacking them. 2. The machine must be operated by professional personnel. For temporary use of electricity during construction, a dedicated wire box must be set up in accordance with the requirements, and must comply with safety and operating regulations. 3. For indoor lighting, iodine tungsten lamps must not be used, low-voltage explosion-proof lamps must be used, and cables must not be dragged on the ground. 4. During the construction process, we must regularly carry out safety technical clarifications (at all levels). The engineers shall provide written clarifications to the operation team, and the team shall give oral safety technical clarifications to the operators and provide safety production education to the construction personnel. 5. Concentrate when operating, and don't laugh or fight to prevent accidents. 6. Before construction, the performance of all mechanical equipment must be checked for safety and reliability. 7. Before grouting, the grouting system should be inspected systematically. The joints of the grouting valve, pipe and pressure gauge must be firm, and the valve head must be tightened so as not to cause pipe bursts and grouting accidents. 8. When grouting, pay close attention to the pressure gauge, flow rate, time and other parameters. The 80-meter cement chimney should be demolished, and strive to be successful at one time. The intermittent grouting method can be used for parts with a large amount of grout. 9. During grouting, there may be leakage and grouting at the cracks. The 60-meter brick chimney is demolished. This phenomenon is caused by lax closure. At this time, we should stop grouting and continue after sealing tightly. 10. Sometimes the pressure will suddenly rise during grouting. This pressure is false pressure, which is caused by the temporary blockage of local pipelines or components. As higher pressure enters, the blockage will be washed away, and the pressure will be affected. Decline, this is a normal phenomenon. 11. When grouting, be sure to maintain good ventilation. The roofing tiles waterproof plugging construction site should be far away from fire sources, and smoking is strictly prohibited to prevent fires. 12. During construction, pollution, smoke and noise should be reduced as much as possible. 13. The environmental protection work system and measures at the construction site should be well known to everyone. 14. We must be environmentally aware. During the roofing tiles construction process, the paint and paint buckets used should be placed stably to prevent dumping, and tarpaulin or sand should be laid underneath to prevent pollution of the grassroots or the soil. Tag: color steel tile, roofing tiles construction, (615)
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