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Manufacturing process of colored stone metal tile

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-30
What role can tiles play in a house? In fact, it can not only provide people with shade, heat insulation, heat preservation, and UV protection in the scorching sun, and prevent solar radiation from being directly transmitted to the house during the day, but also shield the wind and rain from the wind and rain to prevent rainwater from leaking into the house. The color stone metal tile is a kind of building material used for roofing materials. It is produced by using high-tech and has the advantages of environmental protection, durability, lightness and beauty. Compared with traditional tiles, its shock resistance and light weight Both the performance and the convenience of construction are very good, and it is also used in a certain range in some high-end buildings in our country. The traditional tiles are relatively monotonous in color, but the colored stone metal tiles have many colors, which is amazing! So what is the manufacturing process of the colored stone metal tile? Let’s learn about it together! When the color stone metal tiles are overlapped, they can produce an air gap for heat insulation. It is also a green umbrella for the house. The color stone metal tiles are low-carbon and environmentally friendly. They are made of galvalume steel and acrylic. The new high-grade roofing material composed of resin and ceramic sintered colored sand will not pollute the environment and produce harmful substances when in use. 1. Color stone metal tile is a new type of roofing material based on high-pressure forming of 0.38mm thick steel substrate and coated with seven layers of precision protective coating; 2. Color stone is made of natural colored sand and advanced high-pressure technology Make the traditional roof tile present 3D stereoscopic effect. Utilizing the unique pleat groove design on the back of the metal tile, the roofing tiles are tightly interlocked and firmer, and the waterproof performance is better; 3. The inner steel plate of the metal color stone tile is covered with a steel plate protective film. The anti-fingerprint film is different from the traditional way of using frosting to reduce the visibility of fingerprints, and its clarity is 50% higher than that of frosted materials. Color stone metal tile has the performance of metal steel plate, easy to cut and process, single-sided tile has large area and light weight. The unique concave-convex design of the steel tile makes each steel tile tightly interlocked with each other, and the extremely unique horizontal nailing system is firmly fixed on the roof. After the nail is inserted, the lifting force of the wind blows at 90°, which makes the roof steel tile extremely firm. No matter what kind of house it is, it cannot be without tiles. In the early days, people used clay tiles. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, colored stone metal tiles have gradually become the new darling of the tile industry. Popularity. Metal tiles not only have high performance, but also have a pleasing appearance. A variety of tiles form a variety of bright and beautiful protective umbrellas. Even though they have different styles, they all have the same mission, which is to protect the house from wind and rain. Related reading: Raw materials and composition of colored stone metal tiles Tags: colored stone metal tiles, colored stone metal tiles construction, (721)
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