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Maintenance and coloring of colored stone metal tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-31
The quality of colored stone metal tiles is not only important, but its maintenance is also very important. If you do not know how to maintain the colored stone metal tiles, a large number of roofing tiles will be damaged, which will reduce the service time of the tiles. To improve the service life of colored stone metal tiles, it is particularly important to maintain the tiles well. In addition, the coloring process of tiles is becoming more and more popular nowadays, and the colored tiles look particularly beautiful. Next, the editor will introduce the maintenance and coloring of colored stone metal tiles in detail! The maintenance methods are as follows: 1. In winter, keep the attic well ventilated, and the poor ventilation of the attic will cause damage to the roof structure. 2. Regularly check the bottom of the roof for signs of leakage or damage, especially around the ventilation pipes and chimneys. 3. Replace the missing or damaged tiles in time. 4. When pruning trees, avoid falling branches or branches on the roof, causing unnecessary harm. 5. Beware of forming along the eaves. 6. Check regularly every year whether there is any significant damage to the roof, or whether there are any tiles that have been lifted up or damaged. Color stone metal tiles must be maintained in daily life, otherwise, no matter how good the quality is, the use time will not be too long. The coloring process is as follows: The color stone metal tile has a large area, is light in weight, and is easy to transfer. It can also be constructed at low temperature when dry operation is used, which can minimize the consumption of auxiliary materials. In its design, according to the requirements of architectural design, Different color treatments on the appearance of the metal tiles can better reflect the architectural design style and greatly improve the decoration effect of the tiles. The color of the metal tile that is sprayed and colored on the surface is more vivid than that of the metal tile of the whole body coloring process. 1. The whole body coloring is the metal tile produced by the rolling process after mixing the solid toner pigment and the main material of the metal tile according to a certain ratio. Under normal circumstances, the appearance of the whole body color tile also needs to be properly treated to make it The color remains consistent and stays longer. The color tiles are generally gray-black and red-brown. The only drawback of all-color tiles is that the color is not bright enough. If other colors are required, surface color treatment must be performed. 2. Surface coloring, most of which are produced by molding process, we can take active spraying or manual spraying for surface color processing. The appearance of molded colored tiles is relatively delicate and beautiful. Because it is a surface treatment color, its color can be adjusted arbitrarily. Most people think that the color retention of colored tiles on the surface is not good, but this is not the case. If the exterior maintenance treatment is performed after the color treatment is completed, the color retention time of the colored stone metal tiles can be greatly extended. Before spraying the surface color of the colored stone metal tile, pay attention to observe the weather in advance. It is not suitable to spray before the rain. After the rain, the ground should be dried before the spray production is carried out. The characteristics of cement-based color tile coatings are similar to those of other wall coatings, and the construction temperature cannot be lower than 5 degrees. The tiles that have just been sprayed (the paint is not dry) should not be sprayed with water to avoid affecting the color effect. Tag: colored stone metal tile, (635)
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