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Laying requirements for colored stone metal tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-30
The color stone metal tile is strongly supported by the country because of its long service life, bright color, high initial installation cost, but lower overall cost than roofing tiles and other advantages. In addition, the color stone metal tile has certain laying requirements during its use. Let's learn about it together! The laying requirements of colored stone metal tiles are as follows: This product is a new type of roof tile, which is different from traditional tiles in that it can meet the arc construction of steeply inclined roofs, and its light weight greatly reduces the bearing capacity of the roof. , The roof slope is greater than 45 degrees and can be constructed. Moreover, the color stone metal tiles are also exquisite when laying, as follows: 1. The overlap of this tile can be from left to right, or from right to left, all of which are interlocked. However, the overlapping part should face away from the prevailing wind direction, rainwater flow direction or rainwater drain pipe and roof gutter. The order of paving is generally from bottom to top from the cornice to the ridge. 2. The eaves should be straight, and the gap between the ridge tile and the gap between the ridge tile and the flat tile, and the gap between the oblique ditch tile and the drainage ditch should be filled and smoothed with mortar and tightly sealed. 3. The hanging tiles should be flat, tightly overlapped, horizontal and vertical, and the whole row of tiles should be hung on the ridge of the roof. The eaves and the eaves should have the same size, and the eaves should be straight and regular. 4. The color stone metal tiles of flat roofs must not have defects such as missing corners, sand holes, cracks, and warping openings. The paved roof shall not penetrate water (can be checked after raining). Colored stone metal tiles can meet the construction requirements of arc roofs with large slopes, and the metal tiles have a small dead weight, which is convenient for vertical transportation, small construction loss, short construction period, and high safety functions. It is suitable for large slope roofs and arc roof constructions. It satisfies the high-quality complex roof construction requirements. The tile is also a new type of roofing building material tile in China, mainly for export. In recent years, some domestic high-level construction and slope modification projects have also begun to use this tile, but most customers know little about its tile type and standard functions. The tile is molded into various tile shapes with aluminum-zinc steel plate as the base material, and then water-based acrylic resin is used as the adhesive, and colored sand is bonded as the surface, and the shape is formed after two dryings. The universal standard of color stone metal tile: length 1340mm, width 420mm, weight 2.65-2.75kg/piece, two pieces covering an area of u200bu200babout one square. The tile types of this tile mainly include seven-wave type, Roman type, square type, Northen type, and wood grain type.    Tags: Colored Stone Metal Tile, Colored Stone Metal Tile Standard, (602)
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