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Key points of roof construction, hoisting method and connection method of color steel tile

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-27
is currently the most widely used category, which has the characteristics of high strength and large span. Today, the editor will give you a detailed explanation of the key points, hoisting methods and connection methods of the roofing tiles roof construction. Key points of roofing tiles roof construction 1. Due to the large roof slope and more ridges, the elevation of the roof ridge beams, cornices, dormer windows, and sink (division) waterline start and end points must be accurately controlled during the construction process. 2. The slope of the roof is relatively large. During the grassroots treatment and tile installation, the workers must be strictly informed about the safety technology and take safety protection measures. 3. Strictly control the arrangement of the colored steel tiles. The internal corners, the external corners, the end tiles and the junction with the roof structure must be handled properly to prevent water leakage. 4. Safety fences, safety nets or other protective measures to prevent falling must be installed around the roof and reserved holes. Hoisting method of roofing tiles 1. Hoisting method. Since no large-scale machinery is used, the equipment can be flexibly moved to the place where it needs to be installed. This method has a small amount of lifting each time, but the roof transportation distance is short, which is a frequently used hoisting method. 2. The method of manual lifting is also often used in projects where the board is not long. This method is the most convenient and reserve price, but it must be done carefully, otherwise it will damage the board. 3. Steel wire sliding method. This method is to install a number of steel wires on the gable of the building, and then set a casing on the steel wire, and put the color steel tile on the steel pipe. The roof workers use the rope to pull the steel pipe along the steel wire to control the special length. The board is lifted to the roof and then moved to the installation site by workers. connection method method one: welding seam connection. The welding seam connection is the partial melting of the welding rod and the weldment through the heat generated by the arc, and the welding is condensed into a weld by cooling, thereby connecting the weldment into a whole. This type of connection method is easy to use automated operations under certain conditions and has high production efficiency. Method 2: Bolt connection. Bolt connection is the connection of connecting pieces into a whole through bolts, which are fasteners. This type of connection method is particularly suitable for site installation and connection, and it is also easy to disassemble. Method three: rivet connection. The rivet connection is a rivet with a semicircular prefabricated nail head at one end, the nail rod is burned red and quickly inserted into the nail hole of the connector, and then the other end is also riveted into a nail head with a rivet gun to make the connection tight solid. This type of connection method can be used for heavy-duty and direct dynamic load structures. Tag: color steel tile, (862)
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