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Installation requirements and preparations for roof tile S tile

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-05
In the previous article, we have introduced the advantages of roof tile cement colored tiles in detail. It can be seen that this new type of tile has the advantages of quick installation and construction, anti-leakage and storm resistance, reasonable structural design, long service life, colorful and colorful colors, and good fire resistance. Nowadays, roofing tiles are one of the architectural elements in China, and their construction quality not only affects the performance of buildings such as rainproof, leakproof, thermal insulation, etc., but also affects the aesthetics of the overall exterior decoration of the building. What we are going to introduce today is a new type of roof tile---S tile. So what are the installation requirements and preparations for the roof tile S tile? Let’s learn about it together! The installation requirements and preparatory work of the roof tile S tile are as follows: 1. The roof tile S tile requirements for the roof before installation: 1. The roof is required to be leveled before the tile is laid, and no unevenness is allowed. 2. And do waterproof treatment. Second, the installation sequence and operation requirements of roof tile S tile: 1. No matter what shape the roof installation sequence, it must follow the requirements of installation from right to left, from bottom to top, one by one. 2. The lower margin of the first row is 50mm away from the outer eaves, and it prevents water from flowing up the wall. 3. The concrete roof should be pasted with cement mortar, and the bottom two rows should be fastened with 18# copper wire, and cement mortar should be used to stick it firmly. 3. Requirements for the roof structure layer: 1. In the construction of the reinforced concrete roof slab horizontal tile, the ridge and cornice of the roof slab shall be buried with Φ10 steel bar, @1000, and the extension length shall be determined according to the structural requirements of the roof (if any No insulation, etc.). 2. Laying Φ6, @500×500 steel mesh in the horizontal tile cement slurry layer, it should straddle the roof ridge and stretch it straight, and connect firmly with the Φ10 steel bars pre-buried in the reinforced concrete roof slab at the ridge and cornice. Fourth, the roof leveling layer requirements: 1. The concrete base layer must not have cracks. After finishing the waterproof treatment and insulation layer (according to the engineering design), make a 20-30mm thick cement mortar leveling layer. The leveling requirement is 2 meters by foot, and the level error It should not be larger than 10mm. If the roof looks uneven, causing the roofing tiles to overlap up and down, left and right, it will directly affect the overall appearance and performance of the roof tile S tile. (Put Φ6mm and @500*500 on the leveling layer as the hanging tile layer, the same as above) 2. It is required to retain the scaffolding, water and electricity for construction. The height of the scaffold should not be lower than the eaves of the roof, and the distance between the eaves should be about 150-200mm. 3. At last, enough space and passages should be reserved to facilitate the stacking of tiles and the lifting of S tiles. Tag: roof tile, roof tile installation, (625)
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