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Installation of the main tile of the colored stone metal tile

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-02
Colored stone metal tiles, using galvanized steel as the base material, have the advantages of light weight and high strength. They are molded into a tile shape, retaining traditional cement tiles, clay tiles, glazed tiles, corrugated asphalt tiles, color steel tiles, etc. The original three-dimensional sense also enhances the wind resistance ability of the colored stone metal tile roofing project, and it can completely withstand winds above the 14th level, so it is widely used in high-rise steep roof construction. The construction of the main tile of the colored stone metal tile is a little more complicated than that of the asphalt shingle. The following editor will explain to you the installation of the main tile of the colored stone metal tile! Everyone must be optimistic! In the entire roof installation process, the installation of the metal tile main tile is very important. As long as we lay the foundation of the main tile firmly and deal with the details, the later metal tile construction will become more convenient. 1. Tile transportation The main tiles of the colored stone metal tiles are delivered to the roof in batches. You can rest assured that metal tiles are lightweight roofing materials and will not cause pressure on the load-bearing roof. We can use 10 tiles Or 5 pieces as a unit, transported in order. And also to ensure the supply of the main tile construction. 2. Tile installation Place the main tiles evenly on the roof. It is best to install them symmetrically on two slopes from top to bottom. The overlap width of the left and right tiles is about 8 cm. The overlap seam must be Avoid the prevailing local wind direction. For the overlap of the upper and lower rows of tiles, you can choose staggered installation or good seam installation according to the actual situation of the project. The premise of digging on the card is: it must be buckled on the rear edge of the row of tiles, and the overlap width is about It is 4cm. 3. At the connection of the gutter detail treatment and the gutter, the main tile should penetrate 2-5cm into the gutter plate. After the main tile is laid, we need to use self-tapping nails to fix it on the hanging tile in the horizontal direction at the junction of the two arc edges (some tile types are two hypotenuses) at the front of the tile. The number of nails for fixing the tiles should not be less than 4 (if it is a high-rise or steeply sloped roof, the number of nails for each main tile should not be less than 6), and the overlap of the left and right tiles must be fixed. All in all, the above is the main method of installing the main tile of the color stone metal tile. During the installation process, the constructor must install it in accordance with the construction manual. If the original construction manual is violated, water leakage may occur. Therefore, the editor reminds everyone that the installation of the main metal tile must follow the installation manual and the guidance of the construction technicians. Related reading: Correct installation method of colored stone metal tile Tag: Installation of colored stone metal tile, (589)
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