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Installation of synthetic resin roof tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-07
Because there are many characteristics of synthetic resin roofing tiles, it has won the general attention and recognition of people in the construction industry. The market for this product is very broad, and the application is also extremely wide. The roof covered with synthetic resin tiles will look extraordinarily beautiful and still Achieve waterproof effect. However, many friends do not know how to install synthetic resin roofing tiles, what to pay attention to when installing, and what to prepare? Then the editor below will introduce it in detail! The installation of synthetic resin roofing tiles is as follows: 1. Before installing the synthetic resin roofing tiles, the construction personnel should carry out the laying out according to the roofing conditions on site, which will help the installation time to achieve horizontal and vertical and ensure the installation quality. And can achieve beautiful effects. 2. Install the main tile. When installing the main tile of a two-sloping roof, the center of one wave crest coincides with the CC1 (CC2) or DD1 (DD2) line. The upper and lower parts of the main tile should be parallel to the CD and AB lines, and from one side. (CC1 or DD1 line) Start the installation. The installation of the first tile is the most important. Make sure that the bottom edge of the tile is perpendicular to the CC1 (CC2) or DD1 (DD2) line. The tile is fixed. In order to prevent the inclination and unevenness caused by the one-way overlap, the horizontal installation of the main tile requires one-up and down-arrangement, that is, the second tile buckles the first tile and the third tile, and the fourth tile buckles the third tile. And the fifth tile is overlapped with a tile wave, and the rest can be deduced by analogy. In the process of installing synthetic resin tiles, the construction personnel should check the verticality of the bottom edge of the tile and the construction line at any time, and then install the fixing parts after confirmation. Immediately after the longitudinal installation, one section length of the tile should be overlapped. The installation of the main tiles of the two-sloping roof should be carried out simultaneously on both sides to ensure that the crests of the ridge tile installation coincide. The main tile should be installed with a self-tapping screw with a diameter of 6.3mm and a length of 75mm; while the installation of a positive ridge tile and an oblique ridge tile should be selected according to the different fixed positions, with a diameter of 6.3mm and a length of 110-150mm. When fixing the synthetic resin roof tile, the constructor should first put the waterproof ring in the groove under the protection pad, and pass the self-tapping nail through the center hole of the protection pad (note that the arc is facing down). The electric drill should be perpendicular to the tile surface. , The tightness of the tightening tile time nails should be moderate, and then install the waterproof cap after the end. Steel purlins can be self-tapping screws or stainless steel angle nails, and wooden purlins can be self-tapping screws. Drill a hole larger than the diameter of the self-tapping screw 2mm on the wave crest to be fixed, and fix a set of accessories at every other wave crest. When installing the four-slope roof, we first install the main tile (the method is the same as the installation of the two-slope roof). After the main tiles are installed, install the triangular roofs on both sides, and install them equally on both sides based on the centerline CC3 and DD3, and then cut along the diagonal line to facilitate the installation of the diagonal ridge tiles. 3. Installing the ridge tile The ridge tile is installed on the CD line of the roof ridge. The installation should start from the side of the main tile area. The overlap of the first ridge tile should avoid overlapping with the overlap of the main tile. , The overlap between the two ridge tiles should form a wave. 4. Installation of oblique ridge tiles. The oblique ridge tiles are installed on the triangular oblique side of the multi-slope roof. When installing, they must be aligned up and down, and then fixed on the purlin of the main tile. The two oblique ridge tiles are overlapped by 30mm, and finally the ridge tiles are installed. The end. 5. Install the three-way ridge tile at the vertex where the three sides intersect. After the installation of the normal and oblique ridge tile is completed, continue to install the three-way ridge tile. When installing the three-way ridge tile, one side overlaps the normal ridge tile. The other two sides overlap above the diagonal ridge tiles. 6. Installing the eaves is the final step to install the eaves. The installation of the eaves should be installed at the same time as the last section of the main tile of the synthetic resin roof tile, and the main tile end should be double-layered on the purlin with self-tapping nails. If the distance between the eaves of the main tile and the purlin is too long and the length of the eaves is not enough, we can use bolts to fix it separately. Tag: roof tile installation, (580)
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