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Installation of eaves and ridge tiles of colored stone metal tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-16
In recent years, the trend of decoration requires beauty and durability. For roof construction, many people have turned their attention to the new material color stone metal tile. More and more roofs are covered by it, whether it is villas or buildings. And many people know that color stone coated steel roof tile is a high-quality, very durable roofing material, and it is mostly used in light steel houses, wooden house structures, concrete structures, flat slopes, villas, etc. However, for the installation of colored stone metal tile eaves and ridge tiles, there are some precautions and methods that you should know in advance. The following editor will take you to understand together! When installing the colored stone metal tiles at the eaves, you need to pay special attention. If you don't handle them properly, it is easy to slip off. What should you do? 1. First of all, we must understand the length of extension. The length of the main tile extending out of the eaves should be 30mm, and not too long or too short. 2. Secondly, an additional layer of waterproof cushion should be added to the cornice, and its width should not be less than 900mm. 3. Finally, when the eaves have no eaves, ventilated eaves should be used to seal the eaves, and then the upper and lower ends of the ventilated eaves should be directly fixed on the upper and lower ends of the hanging tiles, and finally the long wooden strips are used to fix the wall; In the case of eaves, the eaves tiles are laid over the eaves and extend 30mm from the eaves. The above are some of the issues that need to be paid attention to when dealing with colored stone metal tiles, so you can refer to them when installing. The treatment of the roof will affect the future use. When there is a problem, the repair will not be the same as before. There will be many defects. In severe cases, water leakage will occur. The installation of the color stone metal tile ridge tile is also the same. Let's find out what details need to be dealt with? 1. The first thing to do is to leave a width of 5cm at the joint between the main tile and the ridge tile (including the main ridge and the oblique ridge), and cut off the rest. 2. Then fold it up by 5cm, and fix it on the ridge tile hanging strip with nails, then buckle the ridge tile on it, and then use self-tapping nails to fix it on the two sides with the hanging tile strip, each piece of round ridge tile Or the angle ridge tile fixes 4 self-tapping screws, and the distance between the self-tapping screws of each square ridge tile is 40cm. Special end caps need to be installed at both ends of the main ridge and the outer end of the oblique ridge, and pull rivets must be used during installation. 3. Finally, check that the ridge tiles after installation should be straight, without undulations, distortions, etc., so that the roof outline looks neat and beautiful. Summary: After all the installation work of the above colored stone metal tiles is processed, pay attention to the overall inspection, because a little sloppy and error will directly affect the later use effect, and the related content of the above summary can be reviewed in the future. For reference during the construction process! Related reading: Installation tags of the main tile of colored stone coated steel roof tile: installation of colored stone metal tile, installation of colored stone metal tile, (807)
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