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Installation conditions and preparations for metal roof tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-18
Metal roof tile is also called color stone metal tile. It is produced by using high technology and has excellent anti-corrosion function, durability, environmental protection and safety. It is the mainstream product of international roofing materials in recent years. Its shape and color Rich and colorful, there are a variety of colors and tile types to choose from. It is suitable for roofing projects of various styles and structures of sloping roofs, as well as for existing flat-to-slopes, old roof renovations and repairs. Part of the building decoration and other works. We have learned about the precautions for the construction of corrugated roof tiles, so today we are going to introduce the installation conditions and preparations of metal roof tiles, hoping to help friends who are not very familiar with this information! The installation conditions of the metal roof tile construction on the roof structure and the bottom layer: (1) The engineering roof structure from bottom to top is: reinforced concrete structure layer, cement mortar leveling layer, SUB waterproof coiled material, wooden water strip, extruded insulation board, Lafarge is fully paved with aluminum foil, wooden hanging tiles, and colored stone metal tiles. (2) Bottom installation conditions: the cement mortar leveling layer should ensure that its surface is flat, the thickness is uniform, and the strength is suitable (the leveling layer is not loose or cracked after the steel nails are nailed). (3) In order to ensure the flatness of the tiles, it is necessary to control the flatness of the water strips, the hanging tiles and the roof concrete leveling layer. The dimension deviation of the water strip and the hanging tile should be within ±2mm, and the flatness of the roof concrete leveling layer should be within ±5mm. (4) In order to ensure that the metal roof tiles can be spread to the edge of the gable, the height difference between the roof and the edge should not exceed 6cm. Preparatory work before laying metal roof tiles: (1) Stacking tiles: The other party should avoid repeated transportation of flat tiles. The long sides of flat tiles are required to be stacked on the side. It is best to close together one by one. The stack is in a long strip shape, and the corresponding height is 5-6 layers. When stacking and transporting tiles, they should be handled with care. (2) Tile selection: The quality of flat tiles should meet the requirements. Sand holes, cracks, missing corners, missing edges, few claws, etc. are not suitable for use that do not meet the quality requirements, but half tiles and flat tiles with missing corners and missing edges can be used at the edge of the eaves, inclined grooves or sloping ridges. The surface must not have any defects or cracks. (3) Roof tiles: Only after the bottom layer has passed the inspection, the tiles can be applied. Pay special attention to safety when installing roof tiles; if the roof truss is load-bearing, the roof tiles must be installed in the same direction on both front and back slopes at the same time to avoid deformation of the roof truss due to uneven forces. (4) Pendulum tile: Generally, there are two types: 'strip pendulum' and 'stack pendulum'. 'Strip pendulum' requires one tile to be placed with 3 hanging tiles, about 22 per meter; 'stacked pendulum' requires a pile of 9 tiles. The distance is: two tiles wide on the left and right, and two hanging tiles on the top and bottom, evenly Staggered and placed securely. Tag: colorful stone metal tile, colorful stone metal tile installation, (579)
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