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Installation and renovation of color steel tiles

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-27
is a kind of tile used to build houses, and it is a common product in the construction industry. There are many characteristics of color steel tiles, which we have introduced before. So what I want to introduce today is the installation and renovation of color steel tiles, I hope it will be helpful to everyone! Installation: Nowadays, in the construction of steel structures, the use of color steel tiles is very widespread. This type of tile is made of color coated steel plates and formed by the skills of rolling and cold bending. It is very used in industrial and civil construction. It has the advantages of quick construction and protection-free etc. throughout, especially in large-span steel structure housing projects. 1. We must pay great attention to the laying of color steel tiles, and it is very important. The general laying methods are divided into two types, overlapping and staggered. 2. Then when installing the sealing strip ridge tile, the sealing strip needs to be separated in half, and the ridge tile should be covered on the roof of the house, fixed with special nails, and the side junction of this tile needs to be sealed with cement. 3. If installation is required at the connection position of the inclined surface, the editor recommends installing water-receiving material under the tile, and using waterproof adhesive or cement for finishing. In addition to the above points, when installing the color steel tiles, you must do the necessary waterproof treatment, and it is recommended to use V-shaped materials. Refurbishment: In order to ensure the smooth progress of the entire refurbishment project, the refurbishment of color steel tiles needs to pay attention to many matters, as follows: 1. When the blowtorch and fuel construction are carried out, they need to be placed separately and must be guarded by special personnel. 2. If it is rainy, you need to wait until the roof is dry before starting construction. 3. If there is a windy weather of grade 5 or above outside, the construction operation must be immediately suspended. 4. During the entire construction period, fire protection and fall protection from high altitudes shall be ensured. Maintenance of the color steel tile roof: 1. During the entire construction process, the rain outlet needs to be sealed by temporary methods, with the intention to prevent clogging by debris. 2. The pipe position passing through the roof and wall waterproof layer shall not be damaged or displaced during the entire construction process and after completion. Tag: roofing tiles installation, (758)
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