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Installation and precautions of waterproof steel tile

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-20
We have introduced the conditions and construction of color steel tile roof waterproofing. We know that correct construction of roofing tiles can make this tile achieve better waterproof effect. Because color steel tile has many characteristics and advantages, it is used as an ideal building material and is widely used in the construction of many large industrial and mining plants, warehouses, steel structure roof trusses and large equipment, theaters, exhibition halls, stadiums, waiting halls, etc. And the wall. So what are the installation and precautions of the waterproof steel tile? Let's discuss it together below! The installation is as follows: the roof is an important part of the house construction. The emergence of the waterproof steel tile has made a particularly important step for people to better avoid water leakage in the house, but in the process of its installation, there are many us Some small details that need special attention and cannot be ignored. When the roof is subjected to external forces such as wind and rain, it is easy to cause the roofing tiles roof to vibrate for a long time, so that the nail holes and the iron joints will be worn for a long time, and it will rust when it encounters rain. This tile will be painted and inlaid with anti-corrosion materials on these worn areas, which can effectively address the symptoms of corrosion. When installing the waterproof steel tile, pay attention to the installation of self-tapping nails that may cause water seepage problems: first: the self-tapping nails are too strong during construction, and the rubber pad has been damaged; second: the rubber pad is aging quickly and is very The waterproof effect is soon lost. In addition to the water seepage at the self-tapping nails, the waterproof steel tile roof may also be deformed. It is mainly manifested in the large span of the roof. After a long time, the central water accumulates, the central gravity increases, and the more rains occur. Roof collapse appears. In summer, when the roof is high in temperature, a sudden heavy rain causes the temperature of this tile to drop sharply. However, it shortens rapidly, causing the color board to deform and the nails to loosen. Of course, it may also be deformed during early transportation. The details must be handled well. How to deal with such problems? In fact, it is very simple. We only need to paint some waterproof materials on the position of the self-tapping nails, so as not to cut corners during the construction process. For example, SBS modified asphalt waterproofing membrane, as long as the roof is covered with one layer and all the joints of this tile are covered, there are basically no gaps, so there will be no water leakage. Therefore, the best way to save costs is to choose the right materials and choose different materials for different places. Installation precautions are as follows: During the roof construction process, the color steel tile core material should be kept away from electric welding, gas welding and other open flame operations. And when using this tile, some heat sources and fire sources should not be close to the color steel tile, but a certain distance should be kept. Pay attention to the correct laying method of tiles during installation. The overlapping type is suitable for roofs with a length of ≦15M, and the interlaced type is suitable for roofs with a length of ≧15M. The special nail must be hit in the center of the tile bone to have a waterproof effect. When installing the sealing strip, the sealing strip should be divided into two halves, and the waterproof part should be protruded during the installation process. In the final inclined surface device, attention should be paid to installing water-receiving materials under the tiles, and then finishing with waterproof adhesive or cement. Related reading: The characteristics of color steel tile and installation precautions Tags: color steel tile, roofing tiles installation, color steel tile roof waterproof, (714)
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