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Installation and construction of colored stone metal tile roof

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-06-16
We have introduced the laying requirements of colored stone metal tiles before, and we know that the laying is very particular and must be carried out in accordance with certain requirements. So how does the installation and construction of the colored stone metal tile roof proceed? Next, we will focus on the installation and construction of the color stone coated steel roof tile slope roof. Hope it will be helpful to everyone! Color stone metal tiles have excellent characteristics in the installation of roof slopes, light weight, compact structure between tiles, not easy to be blown up by the wind, and firm installation. So, how to install and construct this tile? As follows: 1. Formwork installation and construction of sloped roofs. During the construction process of concrete sloped roofs, we must first build the gables and partition walls into a slope shape according to the construction drawings and design requirements. In addition, place a large sample on the ground according to the size of the slope roof. Then use wood to make a tripod according to the big sample. This tripod is used as the support frame of the slope roof template, but in the process of making the tripod, it is necessary to add diagonal and flat supports to ensure its strength. When installing the formwork, the wooden tripod support formwork shall be installed in all parts of the room without partition walls and with a relatively large span. The installation distance of the tripod should be determined by the length modulus of the template. When paving the template, lay it in accordance with the standard, check the elevation, pave the pavement, and allow no warping. The gap between the template and the seam meets the standard requirements. 2. Construction of insulation layer and protective layer The slope roof insulation layer should select suitable insulation materials according to the design requirements. If you choose polystyrene board, you should choose brand-name products with good flatness and qualified physical and chemical targets. It should be flat and stable when laying. The joints should be filled with the same material. A protective layer of cement mortar should be applied on the thermal insulation layer, the thickness of which should not be less than 20mm, and the surface of the protective layer should be calendered. It is required to be flat without sanding, peeling, honeycomb, etc., and no dirt. The surface of the cement mortar should be well divided into grids, with a grid area of u200bu200bone square meter. The slit width should not be less than 20mm. After the protective layer is dry, the next waterproof membrane construction can be carried out. 3. After the metal tiles are posted on the inclined roof flat tiles, they must be checked accordingly to see the factory certificate and appearance quality, and check the report sheet. It can be put into use only after being qualified. At the same time align with the embedded bolts of the inclined roof concrete. Tighten the nut to prevent the flat tile from being blown by the strong wind. The overlap width of the ridge tiles on the two slope tiles is not less than 40mm. The colored stone metal tiles must be sturdy, flat, neatly arranged, tightly overlapped, straight cornices, and the same color. 4. Finishing treatment After the flat tiles on the slope roof are posted, the appearance can be tidyed up. The residue on the metal tile surface should be wiped clean. After the entire roofing project is completed, the water spraying experiment is performed on the roof, which requires 2 hours to achieve the goal of no leakage. Tag: roof tile, colored stone coated steel roof tile, colored stone metal tile installation, colored stone coated steel roof tile construction, (853)
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