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Installation and Acceptance of Color Stone Metal Tile Hanging Strips

by:New Sunlight Roof      2021-05-31
The previous editor has introduced the maintenance and coloring of color stone metal tiles. It can be known that the regular maintenance of this tile can effectively extend the service life of color stone metal tiles. So how are the installation and acceptance of the colored stone metal tile hanging strips carried out? The following editor will take everyone to study together! Color stone metal tile is based on galvanized steel plate, through the front and back protective film treatment, and through the perfect high-tech pressing skills and the best roof tile formed into one body, and this tile is 55% aluminized The surface of the zinc steel plate is treated with a protective film, and the surface layer uses a non-toxic and harmless high-quality adhesive, and then is covered with natural colored stone particles. 1. Installation of colored stone metal tile hanging strips 1. According to the laid wooden keel, fix the wooden square 30mm wide and 25mm high on the bottom of the cement along the line (shun water strip), and the spacing should not be greater than 600mm. The depth into the base layer is not less than 30mm. After the installation of the downwater strip is completed, nail the hanging tiles on the downwater strip, which should be continuous one by one in the horizontal direction, only to be disconnected on both sides of the gutter and roof ridge control line; and the corresponding spacing is 368mm. 2. In order to ensure that the tiling bar is on a flat surface, when installing the tiling bar, wooden wedges of different sizes can be added under the tiling bar to adjust the surface of the tiling bar to be flat. 3. At the roof ridge, gable side, and herringbone outer edge, in order to meet the installation requirements of ridge tiles and metal edging, we can increase the height of the wooden keel to 40mm. 4. The lightning protection vertical poles can be carried out at the same time when the tiles are installed, and they cooperate with each other. 2. Acceptance of colored stone metal tile hanging strips 1. Material acceptance: it must be non-deformable wooden squares or metal materials of corresponding specifications that have passed dry anti-corrosion treatment. 2. Standard acceptance: The cross-sectional dimension of the hanging tile is 30mm×25mm, and the error is ±3mm. 3. Arrangement spacing acceptance: Except for the spacing between the roofing tiles at the cornice and the roof ridge is less than 368mm, the standard spacing of the tiles is 368mm. 4. Flatness acceptance: pull the wire for each roof hanging tile, and detect the leveling error, the allowable error is 5mm. 5. Stability acceptance: check whether the hanging tiles are loose and whether they are firmly connected to the bottom layer. Related Reading: Installation and Construction of Color Stone Metal Tile Roof Tag: Color Stone Metal Tile Installation, (921)
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